February 28th, 2008

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{01 - 61} KANJANI8
[01 - 02] Groups
[02 - 14] Nishikido Ryo
[15 - 24] Shibutani Subaru
[25 - 33] Okura Tadayoshi
[34 - 41] Maruyama Ryuhei
[42 - 48] Shota Yasuda
[49 - 55] Murakami Shingo
[56 - 61] Yokoyama You

{62 - 66} Uchi Hiroki


The rest here.

kanjani8 in my bedroom

hi minna! I just want to share to you my most favorite part of my bedroom! Sorry if it's a bit messy. Everytime i go to sleep, I see my eight boys smiling at me..

can you see it already? =DDD

there it is! my my my..half of that cork board is all about my studies and half of it is all about my JE particularly kanjani8 fandom..

* the green and pink post-its are the list of the Johnnys' Birthdays! yey!

haha! =D my own version of eito rangers!

never mind this post though! haha!

(no subject)

hi eighters, just wanted to ask where could i download kanjani8's cosplay? is that right? the vid that they are somewhat warriors. 

yoko being the king and tacchon being the hero and etc..where could i download that?

sorry for the truouble. thank you!
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