February 29th, 2008

ryo's dad?

ok, i found this along side the family photo part and ASSUME this is his dad since the definitely cant be his bro (there were alr two men before this pic) x)

does anybod knoe if this is his dad???
credit: aaa_is_loved

[sale] RyoUchi TV Guide/Television 2/29/08, NEWS TV Guide/Television 3/7/08, Apr. Myojo/Popolo, etc

hii guys! okay so this grl i was holding the TV guide/television mags for has NOT emailed me back.. -___- so i'm gonna resell it. >.<
there's lots of ryouchi goodness in there =] <3 
TV Guide/Television 2/29/08 Feat. RyoUchi
+ shipping worldwide ea.

also available:
--TV Guide/Television 3/7/08 Feat. NEWS!!
--CooL April '08 Feat. YAMAPI!

--April '08 Popolo (BIGG kame/yamada pinupp)
--April '08 Myojo (Young Song booklet w/ NEWS on cover, Kame/Yamada pinupp)

--Glamorous Mar. '08 Feat. RYO &
Mar. '08 Duet, WinkUp, Popolo


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*i will sell the wahaha single for $15 + shipping ea., andd KANJANI8 calendars for $33 + shipping ea. if anyone wants them but has no way of getting it (i accept concealed cash/money orders/checks/paypal)
if you have any questions/PERSONAL ORDERS, feel free to leave me a msg or email mee! thankss =] 
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Hello! I know everyone is still admiring the PV of Wahaha.. I am too! haha.. But I kinda need some help and I hope someone can help me. Is anyone willing to sell to me their 818 goods? Actually I only like the undies... I kinda ask someone to buy it for me but she failed... Also I can only send money through western union ^^
Ryo Subaru

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I've watched Wahaha so many times now. XD It's such a great PV. It became my second fave. ^O^ There's a question that's bugging me. I can't seem to answer it no matter how many times I watch it. Who are those two dancing in the box?

It looks like Yasu and Maru but I can't really tell. Their customs look a lot like Hina and Subaru's Mitei Ichi costumes. I wonder if there's a connection? Like a reference? ^^

So, those two really do look like Maru and Yasu but I can't decide.  Opinions?