March 1st, 2008

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Wahhahhaa screencaps & my interpretation

I wasn't sure if I should post it here, since someone already posted screencaps and people seem to get angry because of such IMHO silly things too often and flame/bash/attack each other.
But since mitani and pixisity pushed me to do it I just couldn't say no. ;__;

So yeah...
You can see it all here at my journal. ♥ Have fun! Be nice! Or else... ignore.
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Votes are in for our second poll.

Everyone, thank you for voting. (.^___^.)

Here are the results for the 2nd poll.

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So as of today, we will be logging the IPs of all Anonymous comments. Hopefully this will limit the frustration that some of our members have been having. If not, we will re-approach this issue at a later time. I know that this is going to be inconvenient for the members who at times cannot log on to his or her account due to internet problems and such. Sorry that it had to come to this. It's sad when a few people mess up things for the rest of the people, and we end up putting restrictions as a result. **Shrugs** 

One more thing, I appreciate the polite manner in which most members have approached me about what they feel are issues. It makes my job much easier. (.^___^.) No offense but it is very annoying when I get comments and e-mails that lecture me in hopes of getting me to think a certain way. Please don't waste your energy. If you want the votes to go a certain way, you have to convince the majority of the members, not me (I am only one vote). I am merely here to come up with different options to solving a problem and going through with whatever solution gets the majority of votes. This is an internet community, I shouldn't be getting headaches over things that go on here.

Just as a heads up, the next poll will be on whether we should or should not eliminate sale posts. So just give it some thought. The poll will be up in a couple weeks.

Thank you.

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Minna san, selling Kanjani 8 clippings + pin-up over at my lj! Sorry but i only accept concealed cash, or meet-ups/POSB bank transfers for Singaporeans. Thanks!