March 3rd, 2008

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[1] Akanishi Jin + Kamenashi Kazuya
[1] Uchi Hiroki
[3] Kanjani8
[1] Kamenashi Kazuya
[1] Narimiya Hiroki

[1] Nishikido Ryo + Yasuda Shota
[1] Nishikido Ryo + Uchi Hiroki
1] Akanishi Jin
[2] Tanaka Koki

I made some wallpaper ^___^

You can find them HERE.

It's my first time posting at kanjani8. Yay for me!~
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[PRE-ORDER] K8 - Wahaha Single / JE - CD and DVD

Hey guys!

Are you tired of waiting for HMV Singapore to bring in the singles/albums? I'm here to take orders! Overseas buyers are welcome too!!

I'm taking pre-orders for Kanjani 8's Wahaha Single.

Limited edition: SGD $20 OR USD $14
Normal edition: SGD $20 OR USD $14

AND Orders for any other CD (Single/Album) or DVD!! Below is just a very rough estimate, as different items have different pricing. Please email me for the accurate price. ALL CD/DVD are the Japan editions!!

Rough estimate:
Singles: SGD $20 OR USD $14
Albums: SGD $50 OR USD $34

Closing Date: 10th March 2008, 22:00 Singapore Time

Estimated date to send orders out: 14th March 2008

*Any orders after the closing date will be moved to the next ordering date.

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Cheers!! (^_^)

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Mobile Photo Wallpapers


This is the first time ever to post in here...HELLO EVERYONE =D
I have made some mobile phone wallpapers from the photos in Hanako West!
Their sizes are in 240x320 px.
please enjoy and gimme some comments!~

[[ I <3 818 ]]


KangHyuk Kiss by ficcy

[FIC]Only on Stage (1/3) - MaruxBaru

Because this comm have helped me so much, I don't want to be just a leecher, so I present you my fic. ^___^

Title: Only On Stage(1/3)

Pairing: MaruxBaru, slight Ohyass and (if you squint) Yokohina

Author: freedomthisway

Rating: PG

Genre: Angst, H/C, Fluffy

Summary: Because of their intimate acts on stage, Shibutani Subaru has developed a certain feeling towards Maruyama Ryuhei. But what about Maru? Does he feel the same?

Recently I develop an obsession towards Subaru. And I joined marubaru. There, I found MaruxBaru LOVE Pimp Post of DOOM made by kooriyoukai. And all of a sudden I have this story stuck in my head so I decided to make a fics on it. I hope you enjoy it. It's my first fic on Eito ^___^

Only On Stage (1/3)

[SELLING] Various JE Photos & Goods

Hey guys,

I'm selling mainly photos (12cm by 8.4cm), JE Shop Photo REPRINTS (3R) and some concert goods!! =D

I bought all these stuff from Mise Exclusive in Singapore. Both Singapore and Overseas buyers welcome!!


Pictures/Photos: SGD $1 or USD $1
- SMAP, NEWS, Kinki Kids, Takki, RYO and Tegoshi!

Clear Folder (BRAND NEW): SGD $15 or USD $10
- Kamenashi Kazuya (2005 Looking Con)  SOLD!!
- Domoto Koichi (2005/2006 H Tour Concert)

Uchiwa (BRAND NEW): SGD$10 or USD $7
- Nakai Masahiro (2005 Sample Bang Concert)
- Kimura Takuya (2003 MIJ Concert) SOLD!!

Concert Phamlet: SGD $20 or USD $14
- SMAP 2003 MIJ (Excellent Condition)

A4 Laminted Poster: SGD $3 or USD $2
- Tegoshi Yuya SOLD!!

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You can just leave a comment here or email me at for more information.

Email Subject: ENQUIRY about Misc Goods

Cheers!! (^_^)

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Dare Yori Kimi ga Suki dakara Translation (+kind of request)

I did my best at writing down and translating dare yori kimi ga suki dakara, but I am kind of fail at listening and at translating lyrics. There was one word in both the first and second stanzas that I couldn't hear, so I left the translation part blank. Which brings me to the request part; if you do know what those words are PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME. EDIT: enshinge told them to me. THANK YOU! I AM FOREVER INDEBTED TO YOU!!!!!!!! Also if you see any mistakes or typos at all then, please please please inform me of that too. (I'm very prone to typos, and for all I know, I could've copied and pasted the wrong bits together, and the romaji doesn't match the kanji). Anyways, please enjoy the little bit that Shio has managed to come up with.
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EDIT: I got the official lyrics, so this now looks exactly like they appear in the booklet (probably).
Ijou. Shio deshita
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Kanjani weekly shows

I hope this is allowed...

So, I know Kanjani have 2 shows going on. Janiben and Muchaburi.
Are they both on National Tv? Or just Muchaburi? Janiben is on Kansai tv only? Are they both aired Wednesday night?
I also heard that one was going to end... Muchaburi?
I looked everywhere for last week's episodes, but I couldn't find either one... There weren't aired?