March 5th, 2008

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kanjani will be on music station & SCP (:

Next friday, Kanjani8 will be on music station.
So exciting.


20:00 - 20:54




Next Week's SCP too.


18:00 - 18:50




PLUS: thanks to isomethyl

2008-03-15 NHK総合「家族で選ぶにっぽんの歌」(予定)
2008-03-27 TBS「うたばん」

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[REQUEST] Spring Concert Ticket

hi all~~~

just wondering if any of you lovely people have a spare ticket for the spring con... i wasn't able to get my hands on the tickets... (T.T) do let me know if you have an extra ticket you're willing to sell off... pretty please please? with sugar and cream and everything nice on top!! *puppy eyes* 
Uchi // my princess


Title : Closer
Pairing : RyoUchi
Genre : Drabble.
Rating : PG
Summary : Lots of sexual innuendo with none of the action.
A/N : Drabble written based on one RyoUchi picture in The Television boonie brought to my attention. Apparently the strange goofy fics only come when I'm feeling confused and lost. For all the RyoUchi fangirls. The smut will just have to come another time. :\

Great, they were going to end up on The Television with their jeans tented and a baton in their hands
nishikido ryo - smile

Pin Poll!

hi all! this is my first time posting here, so i hope everything is okay~~ ^^;;;;;;

m(_ _)m

i'm just getting into Kanjani8 but already i'm obsessed! ^O^;;; i'm glad to have found this comm~~ *O*

a couple weeks ago, i saw zabixa posting about selling these cutecute tote bags! at the time, i was not so obsessed with K8 yet and so i did nothing... but then, the more Janiben and Muchaburi eps i watched, the more i thought about it... and the obsession as just mushroomed!!! ^O^;;;; (i'm actually quite shocked).

now... i would totally love to carry some little token of my love for K8!!! ^O^;;; so i thought about making little 1.25" pins~~ i don't have a button maker/press, though, so i thought about getting them done professionally. the only downside is that i've got to order like... in multiples of 100. lol! so i thought i'd survey this great comm to see if any other fans would be interested?

this is just a poll for now! and there's absolutely no obligation to buy! please take a look and see if you might be interested???

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Kanjani8 in 13hours live program!*_*

just checked tokyograph and found this:

On June 2, NTV will kick off its "Eco Week," which aims to explore environmental issues on the network's various shows. At the end of the week (June 8), NTV will feature a 13-hour live program, with the members of Kanjani8 as the main personalities.

The details of the show are yet to be decided, but the network aims to include news reports from various countries and a special concert with popular music artists. Minomonta will serve as the overall host for the program, which will air from 8:00am to 9:00pm.

Kanjani8 members are also scheduled to appear on NTV shows throughout Eco Week.

Source: Sports Hochi


YAAY!! More Kanjani8! but 13 hours nonstop..>< but they can do it!^^
They will work with Minomonta..=) only V6 has been able to work with the most-busy-man in Japan!XD
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