March 7th, 2008

magazines sale

Hi everyone!! I'm selling various japanese magazines like Oricon Style, Myojo, Duet, TV Guide, Popolo etc. Please take a look on my livejournal here. It's only for Singaporeans. Thanks!!!


98 Kanjani8 bases from this months Wink Up, Potato and Duet

I've made 98 icon bases from this months Duet, Wink Up, and Potato featuring KANJANI8. Feel free to use these to make other icons, or you may use them as icons as they are. My policy is as follows:

-credit is optional, but if you're going to use them (as is) for icons, a nice link to my page would be nice.
-don't hotlink [or i'll %^*&^% kill you if you mess you my bandwidth]

As you can probably tell, I got pretty lazy near the middle end. Yeah... sorry about that. Most are alright, though. They're fairly... not fail. WTF I missed one?! O_O Um. I'm going to bed now. =] X-posted to news_jpop and je_icons as well... because I can. Enjoy!

because it`s 3:45 and i`m tired.
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Title: Lost Boys
Genre: Romance, (Angst maybe later?)
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi, Subassan
Summary: A story about youth, love, and relationships that mark you for life. Haha, that sounds too epic. Really, it's just the fic where K8 are all orphans.
Disclaimer: Um.. slash XD
Notes: A little bit somber at the beginning but gets lighter as the chapter goes on. There will continue to be a lot of focus on the developing relationship between ryo/uchi but the whole murder/uchi's past is going to start playing a bigger roll so yay plot! XD

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

"Ryo, my friend, I think you may be falling for this one."

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ello minna~

erm I was wondering since the K8 con is coming up
any ideas when the shop pics will turn up as well?

I wanna buy all their shop pics so I have to let my seller know when to go XDD
mystery lady

Your Smile (Completed)

I finally managed to complete this fic. It took me long but I promise myself to update it only when i have finish it off, but aparently it became too long i have to divide it into parts.  I enjoyed writing this and I had a hard time wrapping it, so, sorry if it wasn't as expected. Please comment on it. I love reading your comments so dat i can improve. last but not least.. Thanks..

Title: Your Smile 
Pairing: Subassan/OhYass

Summary: Triangle between Subassan and OhYAss.

A:N: I’m sorry Yasu, Subaru and Tacchon. I’ve done nothing but torture you  guys. Sorry, trust me. I do love you guys.. 

Part 3

Part 4



[Request] 2008-09 Calendar

Hi everyone!!!

I hate for my first post to in any community to be a request, but as usual, it is.

I'm considering which calendar to buy this year and I've seen teh NEWS calendar and the KAT-TUN calendar, but I have yet to see

scans for any one the others.

I'm very sad about this, but anyway, I was wondering has anyone scanned them? Will scan them or even give a preview so I can pick

which one I would like to buy?

I hope you guys can help out!! :3

Thank you <3~
blue eito

2008-03-06 All Night Nippon

Since I already typed it up...I thought I'd share it here as well.
I didn't really have any accurate reports to base this off of, so it's mostly me hearing a couple of words that I know, and then putting them together and trying to make sense out of all that.
It's by no means accurate, but I think it gives you an idea as to what went on during the show...

Crappy translation of ANN