March 10th, 2008

Yasu innocent?

yasu_awards needs more entries

Just wanted to post to let everyone know that the latest challenge at yasu_awards still needs more entries. (and the comm could use more icon makers too!) Show us your Yasu-love and come play.

Here's the latest challenge post and remember, you must be a member of the community to join the challenges, but anyone may vote. =)

(also pimping out the other comm, ohkura_awards since all the Tacchon lovers seem to have missed it. Where's the Tacchon love, peeps? *chuckles* Can't have a challenge without participating members, ne....)

(not sure how to tag this so I used common sense...or rather tried to *sheepish*)
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[request] Do you Agree ? Lyrics !

Hi everyone !!

I can't get past their 47 concert and especially some songs like Osaka Romanesque, Sayonara wa Itsumo and Do you Agree ? (I love Yasu's sexiness when playing the guitar *nosebleeds*) And while browsing through the tags I didn't notice translated lyrics for Do you agree ? Does it exist and I didn't find it ?

I'll come back later this week to post some graphics ! And by the way, I wanted to ask people what they wanted ! I have a few icons right now but one new pic of Yasu just screams "header" to me ! Do you eighters want more wallpapers and headers ???
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[QUESTION]Tacchon's Engimono and Yakusoku?

Do you guys know where I can download Tacchon's Engimono Drama? I believe it is the drama where he became a gamer.

I've searched under tags drama and drama Sp, but I only found the link to the caps.

And do you know where I can download Yakusoku? I read about it in one of the post but I can't find any DL link.

I'll take links to raw vid. But if you guys know the links to the subbed one, I'll be very grateful.

Please help me. Thank you very much!!