March 11th, 2008

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I browed though kattunlove looking for a nice layout yesterday, but.. I couldn't find one! There were like.. nonexistent !
In lack of good looking JE boys-layouts offered to the public I decided to make my own to share with those who'd want them.

[1] Akanishi Jin

[1] Uchi Hiroki
[1] Yamashita Tomohisa
[1] Ohkura x Yasuda
[1] Yamashita Shoon

Theme: flexible squares
Sidebar: no
Account type: basic/plus/paid

You can get the code and biggre preview's HERE.
I really hope you'll like them! :D
Take care!~

x-posted (>_<)

megami no antenna

i was there anyone who is uploading the show called "megami no antenna" here?
i looked up the tags and i cant find any so i guess not,
but does anyone know where i can dl them or someone kind enough to upload them?please?

thank you(>人<)
櫻井翔x相葉雅紀 ♣ Way to ruin the cute

25 Wallies.

Here I am again, and I'm bringing 25 wallpapers. :D

Summary :
Kanjani8 = 25
Solo ::
Yokoyama You : 2
Shibutani Subaru : 1
Yasuda Shota : 3
Nishikido Ryo : 6
Maruyama Ryuhei : 2
Okhura Tadayoshi : 1
Shingo Murakami : 1
Duo/Trio/Group ::
YokoHina : 1
Ryo, Yasu, Maru : 1
RyoBaru : 2
Group : 4
Eito Rangers : 1

Preview :
Yokoyama You Nishikido Ryo

More HERE. ^__^
Hope you like them. =)

magazines sale

  kamelicious2.jpg picture by summersnow87

Hi minasan,
I've just updated the following magazines onto my selling list:
an-an 2007.9.12 (Takuya Kimura)
an-an 2008.2.13 (Tomohisa Yamashita)
an-an 2008.3.5 (Kamenashi Kazuya)
TV fan 2007 8/29-9/30 (Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Toma Ikuta)
Gekkan Songs March 2008 (KAT-TUN)

I'm selling various past-issues titles like Myojo, Duet, Kindai, 
Popolo, TV Guide, Oricon Style as well.
It's only for Singaporeans.
Please take a look at my livejournal here.
Thanks!! =)