March 12th, 2008

EXO-K // Kai

[Lyrics] BJ

Deleted the older post and made this one instead. You can find the lyrics & translation to BJ here. Please join the community in order to see the lyrics since the entries are members-only.

Btw, all of my translations have been moved to the community relativeinferno in case you've been wondering where they've disappeared to.

Orders for Spring Tour 08 Goods

EDIT: As there is a fair response, I would be taking orders ^^

However please take note on the following points:
Payment only by PAYPAL or concealed cash (bank transfer accepted for Singaporean buyers)
I am not taking Uchiwa orders as they are extremely tricky to package. 
Special exception would be given if you order more than 5 as I would be able to put it in a box and send it. 
As the finalised concert goods list is not annouced yet, I would just be dealing with the items I know would be on sale. 

Pamphlet 25USD
Shopping bag/tote 10USD 
Poster (Please state member name or group) 12USD
T-shirt 35USD
Clear Files (Please state member name or group) 10USD
Photo set (Please state member name or group/LIVE OR STUDIO) 8USD

More details and such over here 

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Hi hi eighters!

We're back with J3Kansai Episode 4! We truly sorry for our delay and our inconsistencies. To make amends we would like to offer you with a special gift.

In this episode, 2 eitos took a test to be enroll in a very unusual baseball team. Even though they passed the test, the team couldn't recruit them! Want to know which 2 eitos and why they were being rejected?! Start kickin' baby...

And why are the three members smiling? You may want to know what were they doing with a tiny baseball bat while shopping in a boat shop?! More reasons for you to kickin' here!

Let's kick it

[FANFIC] No Complaints - Multi-Pairing - oneshot

 No Complaints
Summary: Ryo takes his frustration out on kattun, tacchon trys to distract him, Kusano takes advantage of a drunk Uchi, and Yasu convinces Subaru triple dates aren't so bad.
Fandom: Kanjani8 (and Kusano)
Rating: PG/Smut
Pairing: Subaru/Yasu, Ryo/Ohkura, Kusano/Uchi,
Setting: 2008 - Uchi is back with K8 and Kusano has debuted on his own outside of Johnny's
Chapter: ONESHOT

AN: a direct continuation of Triple Date, more or less. Hiro²  fic. Please note my bashing of KATTUN in this fic is not intended to offend anyone (and though I may hold biased over eito and news). Ryo just amuses me on the fact that hes not a KATTUN fan. Warning in advance.

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mysticwater/Kristy 

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Dare Yori Kimi ga Suki dakara~correct version

A while back, I wrote out and translated "Dare Yori Kimi ga Suki dakara," but now that I've got my shiny CD, I've found a few mistakes.

I went back to the original post and fixed them all; mostly it was kanji that was different (because you can write the same thing different ways sometimes), but there were a few real mistakes, so if you want to see the corrected lyrics, then please check it out~
샤이니 -> FIVE

Oricon Chart: Wahhahha reaches 1st place!

Kanjani 8 reached 1st place on todays Oricon Chart! With 49423 singles sold!
Collapse )

(second place sold 20085 copies)
See the whole top 20 here:
It's their 5th single to reach 1st place.

EDIT:  Thanks to maclou for informing me that you're supposed to multiply the sales by 1.75 so the right amount of copies sold should be 86.490. YAY! .D
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New member here!
Just brought a fic with me.
Hope you enjoy it!

Title: Step Backward
Fandom: Kanjani 8
Character/Pairing: Just Uchi
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Reflecting on his suspsension
Author's Note: I'm experimenting with different writing style, so any feedback on the form, structure, flow etc. would be greatly appreciated!

This way please!

Miss me? ;D

Hey!Hey!Hey! Music CHAMP 050307
Kanjani8 and Chemistry cut

Look at da widdle Eiters! I sub non-JE? :O
Guys that can actually sing. Whoa... Blows my mind... :P Uchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Uchi cap because he's actually in this since it's just that old

K8 and Chemistry cuts from Kanjani8's first appearance. They talk about how everyone joined Johnny's, how Yoko got his stage-name, how Hina used to hate Tackey, and Chemistry's experience in Korea. They sing Kimi ga Iru (Chemistry) and Osaka Rainy Blues (Kanjani8), which I have karaoked. Did I mention Uchi? XD

( HERE - some links are still uploading, though )