March 14th, 2008


Yesterday's Chichinpuipui episode with Maru, Yoko, and Yasu...

(I was encouraged to post this here for anyone who might be interested...)

If you haven't watched it, go and download it! There's this cool new thing out called My Book where you can make your own book. They did and it looked SO FRICKIN' COOL!

I checked the company out and HERE is the European site for the (Belgian) company that produces this. There are 3 places in the UK you can buy the materials from (for those in the British Isles...) and the website comes in a few of the majority languages of Europe so I'm sure you'll be able to find somewhere that stocks it, or you can order online. (it's also available in the US, for those American fans who are interested.)

Just a heads-up in case anyone was interested in doing this too. I think this is a great idea...*excited* Just need to work out how to get this in Ireland. Hehehehehe

(I'm sorry I don't know how to tag this...*sheepish* Is this discussion?)
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Kanjani8 '08 Spring Concert Goods

Hi Eighters! 
cookupsomelove is looking for SINGAPOREAN FANS who are interested in buying Kanjani8's '08Spring Concert Goods. Yes, I know it's early XD 

To prevent any miscommuication or issues with cheating, I wil be assisting her with the goods. This is coming from a buyer verlorenlove and also the person who never fails to bring you all the Kanjani8 scans cookupsomelove . 

Please do not comment here for all kinds of informations. Kindly click on the lj cut to find out how to contact her. Thank you. 

Oh and even if you are broke, don't worry. There's no need for payment till 2nd week of April. We just need the number of eighters' heads for tsukkomi-ing

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PS. Have you gotten Kanjani8's 8th single, WA HA HA already? If you haven't GO AND GET IT ALREADY!
Bed gorgeous

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Hi !

First Graphics Post in this comm !!
Some Subaru, Yasu & Uchi icons and 2 Yasu wallies !!!

Icons & Wallies
[15]Kanjani8 [3]Subassan
[3]Jaejoong wallies
[2]Yasuda Shota wallies (818 pamphlet)

( wahaha ! )

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