March 19th, 2008

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Singaporean Fans can purchase Wahaha Single from HMV store from this week onwards.
What I was told is that the single will be coming in today but you can always call 68337126 to double check before you go down to purchase the single.
However, they are bringing in the Regular Edition ONLY and have limited copies.


[FANFIC] A Little Slow - Yoko/Leah Dizon - oneshot

 Title:  A Little Slow
Summary: It's Yoko's birthday, so eito decides to surprise him. Instead they walk in on Yoko and a certain female idol, recieving a surprise of their own, leaving Yoko with a lot of explaining to do.
Fandom: Kanjani8 (and a certain foreign idol)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yoko/Leah Dizon, Ryo/Ohkura, mentioned Kusano/Uchi,
Setting: 2008 - Uchi is back with K8 and Kusano has debuted on his own outside of Johnny's
Chapter: ONESHOT

AN: another Hiro²  fic. because i felt the need to do something different. also note i ahd already wrote this WHOLE THING last nite, but then LJ was a bitch and ate my post, so i had to rewrite it. so its prob not as good as before. But omg a heterosexual pairing in the hiro squared universe!! lol. enjoy~ written on a whim. can be read stand alone for the most part but its better if you read my other Hiro²  fics to understand it better.

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mysticwater/Kristy  

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