March 21st, 2008


Hi hi 8ers!

Yes, that's right! We're releasing another 2 projects.

These are the continuation from the previous subbed Mini Music Station which was aired on 14.03.2008. This will be our final release of our effort in promoting WahHahHah (for this week).  We hope everyone did enjoy with our releases as much as we're making it for the past few days. And just a note that we did have time to sleep and eat. Hehehe....

BJ Ringtones

hello minna~ first time posting on the community here.. yoroshiku ne!

i love BJ so much that i had to make ringtones for it at work, lol~ this is my first try, hope you like it~

BJ Subaru's solo part (28 seconds)-

BJ last chorus (33 seconds)-

Wahhahha (like, 2 seconds) for SMS or voicemail alert or something-


(20) Kanjani8
(10) Ryuhei Maruyama
(10) Shota Yasuda
(10) NEWS
(10) Shigeaki Kato

Total: 30 icons


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New-ish and Awesome-ness to Share

Hi, all~!. Ehehehe... ^.^; A few weeks ago, became really obsessed with Kanjani8 even though I heard about them before. I'm a big fan of Yasu. (He's so darn cute :3)

I've been a lurker for sometime now, but I just couldn't resist posting this. (Sorry about not tagging it. I don't know how...) Anyway, I live in Boston and this weekend in AnimeBoston. I was there today, and I saw...

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