March 22nd, 2008


Kanjani8's Member Introduction Translate in Indonesian


I have one translation, but i translate it to Indonesian..So, if minna know Indonesian, you can see the translation at my LJ..

Subaru     : Di Kebun Binatang Tennoji di Osaka, kita menemukan simpanse langka yang mengerti dan bisa bermain gitar..

Maru           : Dan aku selalu menjadi korbannya....

You know, it's really fun to translate it into your country's, you can be  more understand^^

haha!! Read it yow minnaa!!!!



I'm a relatively new Kanjani8 fan who needs some help! I'm doing a short speech for my Japanese class and I decided to do it on Eito!
Really I just have a ton of other work to do for my other classes and I get stage fright when standing in front of a crowd by myself ^_^; So being able to fangirl while getting in front of my class,seemed like a easy and fun way to get a good mark!
So I'm looking for any information you may have on the loverly Eito boys, profiles, likes and dislikes, specifics about personalities would all help lots!!! Anything you find fun or interesting about them is also appreciated!
I offer my humble thanks in return!! And cookies and kisses!!!