March 23rd, 2008

credit: aaa_is_loved

[sale] K8 08~09 Calendar, May '08 Myojo & Popolo, Apr. '08 Duet, Potato, Popolo, WinkUp, Myojo, etc

some new mags up! :)

--May '08 Myojo (NEWS on cover, HUGEEE 8-pg HSJ poster, KANJANI8 on Young Song cover) $12
--May '08 Popolo (HSJ pinup) $12
--AnAn Feb. 13 Feat. YAMAPI $13
--April '08 WinkUp (NEWS on cover, Johnny's Jrs stickers, 3-pg NEWS pinup, 3-pg TOMA pinupp) $12
--April '08 Potato (K8 on cover, K8 4-pg poster, HSJ 4-pg poster, YAMAPI pinup, KAT-TUN pinup) $12
--April '08 Duet (K8 on cover, NEWS pinup, YAMAPI pinup, HSJ stickers, K8's section's paper's thicker/more expensive types of paper :3) $12
--08~09 JE CALENDARS! 2 NEWS, 1 KANJANI8 LEFT! $33 + shipping worldwide ($37 shipped in the U.S.)
--April '08 Popolo (BIGG kame/yamada pinupp) $12
--April '08 Myojo (Young Song booklet w/ NEWS on cover, Kame/Yamada pinupp)


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please leave a comment at my LJ OR email me at if you're interested!! 

[MP3]Kanjani8 - Shamisen Medley at Excite!!

hi, minna!!
i'm new here...
but i want to share MP3 that i ripped from Excite!! DVD concert..
i really like this song...but i don't know if the title is right or wrong...
i named it "boogie woogie" but it think it's called "Shamisen Medley"

i still uploading some others...
hope you guys like it!!
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 Today’s guests were yoko and yasu.
Yoko talked his friends of junny's.He picked up Aibachan.
Yasu talked karaoke yasu,hina,nino went.←nino's game nikki

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