March 26th, 2008

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K8 bags

hey all ^__^
first round of bags is complete

i emailed all the concealed cashes people a wile back but so far iv only received 1 letter of concealed cash

iv only received skyshingo

im waiting on

if you have/havnt sent them please tell me.
also email me at if i shome how over looked you an never sent you my address thanks~

PS sending out emails to the waiting list FINALLY ^___^
thank you all ~~
Dream Boys

Wahaha PV - Chibi Voices Version

1st announcement from me...

Hello minna!! Guess what? The chibi voices attack is back!!!

After attacking NewS's Weeeek PV, it's now attacking the Kanjani guys!!

And what better to do it than their CUUUUUTTTEEEE Wahaha PV, right?

The mp3 is edited and muxed by credits when taking...

Have a Wahaha time watching it people!! Hope you enjoy it...XD

Wahaha PV - chibi voices version

P.S: Look out for Yoko's cute "Tanoshiii!!!"...its even cuter in chibi voice!!

*keta keta keta keta*


2nd announcement from me....

For those of you who might have remembered reading my fanfic titled 'RYO: Ohkura's Story' that I posted up in this community like a month plus ago, the second part of the story 'RYO: Shige's Story' (Part 1) had just been published yesterday...

Like I said, because it is a NewS pairing rather than a Kanjani pairing, I won't be posting it up I'll just provide the link (I posted it on the news_jpop community) for those of you who might want to continue reading it...For those who have never read it before and would like to start from the start (Ohkura's Story), I've provided the link for that as well in my post at news_jpop....

Finally, once again I'd like to thank the Eighters who gave me the confidence to continue writing by the way...Shige's Story is the result of that...I hope you guys enjoy it...XD

RYO: Shige's Story (Part 1)
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Tour's new title ---


KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR 2008 ∞だよ!全員集合

"zen-in shuugo" = all members gather/ come together

can we take it to mean the way we want it to?

*not sure if this post is even appropriate, i apologize if it's not, and please feel free to delete this if inappropriate, thanks mods!*