March 30th, 2008

I am going to Osaka

Hello there,

i am still new with this live journal. i was wondering whether i can get help here.
I am going to Osaka on June 15th thru August 11th...
I wish i can watch K8 concert during the time being....
how can i find info when, where K8 will held their concert this summer and where can i buy the ticket, and how much?
i really appreciate minna big help for sharing this information...

stock: chaos and order

Request: Kikujani

Somehow I always feel a bit embarrassed while requesting something, especially when I have nothing to offer back, but I'm desperately searching for 080329 Kikujani, hosted by Yoko and Subaru, and since I really have no idea of where can I get it, I've decided to ask here and see if anyone can help me out.
Could someone please, please direct me to a place from where I can download it? You don't know just how happy that would make me.

Yeah, at the moment I'm very desperate! xD I just want to listen to it so badly~

Thanks in advance!