March 31st, 2008



Domo, hajimemashite! Elenniel desu~ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Ah, my first time posting to this comm. Eheh. And I bring wallpapers! *bows*
I hope you like them!


See all at my LJ post. ^^

Shirota Yuu, Ohno Satoshi - 1
Arashi - 4
Kanjani8 - 2


Hm, also, if anyone's interested, I did a partial translation/summary of the latest K8 appearance on Utaban for my friend. It's probably not 100% accurate, but it might suffice for you until someone subs it properly. ^^; It's over here.

Comm Promo ==>> JEFC_MELB

J.E. Fans of Melbourne
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I'm here to promote my community jefc_melb.
We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I realised last month that there are plenty of J.E. fans in Melbourne but strangely we never seem to meet up.

Started this comm mainly coz
- Most of us have Internet limits/caps [2-60GB inclu speed decreasing as u DL/load pages] (unless u are lucky/or pay for your downloads)
-Postage cost a bomb
-Buying goods alone is very expensive since theres a minimum for FREE SHIPPING or high postage charge
-all in all.. everything is limited or expensive

Yes most of us in AU are like that~

This community is for
-making new friends in Melbourne, Australia & around the World
-Meet ups
-Drama exchanges (save our DL limits)
-Combi orders for Goods (save on shipping)
-Selling/Buying within AU (cheaper postage and work with AUD *yay*)
-International Fans to learn more about this part of the world (we can host you if we have the space in our rooms to hide you amongst our J.E. stash ne~ XDD)

~chu for reading so much~ & I hope if you have friends that don't read LJ often and live in Melbourne(or any part of AU) please let them know we exist (also prevents them & us from keeling the comp & the modem and the wallet to some extent)
Feel free to add us too if you are planning to come visit.

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Tacchon vampire 2 (close)

吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 5

Title: 吸血鬼 (Kyuuketsuki/Vampire) - chapter 5
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: R (character....death?, angst, blood, sex)
Summary: Vampire Ohkura Tadayoshi meets a young man (Yasuda Shota) one evening and both their lives change forever.

Ch1 // Ch2 // Ch3 // Ch4

Collapse )

So totally glad I'm not Ryo right about now. And yay for Maru. He's deep, yo. *grins* =)
Ryo Subaru

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Hi Everyone,

    I'm here to share a video i found again. ^^ It's Arashi on Hey3 and they talk about Kanjani8. It is subbed. ^O^ They tell stories how Yoko accidently bought women's underwear and that Hina dresses really flashy like and talks super loud. lol

I love Arashi and Kanjani8's relationship. Kanjani8 always seem to pop up in Arashi. ^^

Here is the sub.