April 2nd, 2008

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Request: random mp3s

I was looking through the tags and the link for Subaru's Mr. Traveling Man (from SCP) has expired. I was wondering if anyone could please upload the mp3 for me? Also requesting mp3 rips of ONE and Heavenly Psycho from the Spirits dvd or any clear live versions of ONE (besides from the 47 and Heat Up dvds)? Thanks!
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Kanjani 8 Eito Ranger Cosplayers at Sakura Con 2008!

This past weekend, I was at one of the biggest anime conventions in the Pacific Northwest in the US called Sakura Con. I was doing press for J!-ENT so I was keeping my eye out for some Jpop/Jrock related cosplays and while I was chatting with one of my friends, I all of the sudden saw a Baru/Red Ranger cosplayer o.o!! I took her picture but I didn't have a chance to talk to her very much. She was surprised and happy that I knew who she was though. The next day, I saw a different Baru/Red Ranger Cosplayer AND a Ryo-chan/Yellow Ranger cosplayer so I got their picture too. Once again, I didn't get to talk to them much because it was at the concert...

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The pics of the cosplayers are under the cut. I was so excited and surprised to see them because I didn't even know there were other JE fans let alone any KJ8 fans in the Seattle area! They were actually the only Jpop cosplayers I saw at all at the con. I sang "Lips" by KAT-TUN at the karaoke contest at Sakura Con but no one other than my friend knew what I was singing -_-;. Also, if anyone knows who these people are by any chance, please have them contact me. Maybe I'll try to set up a JE panel next year at the convention if there are enough fans in the area... Actually, if you are in the Seattle area and like JE, could you contact me? thanks! alyssadarkcloud@gmail.com
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