April 6th, 2008


arabian fan

Hi menna ^_^

Well, I'm new to Kanjani 8 fandom, and I would like ask some questions if you don't mind.
Yesterday, I came a cross a funny video on Veoh, it was kanjani 8 at Utaban 2007,06.07 I search for any english sub but I only found the interview part, does anyone know if the game part was translated to english?

also, can anyone tell me what are the good k8 sites for a n00b *blush*

Thank you ^_^
  • zschia

Question about subaru's tattoo

mods, feel free to delete this if it isnt allowed or if its a dumb question

I just want to ask when did subaru had his tattoo removed? i saw in some wikipages that he has a skull tattoo on his right hand. i screencapped it from its my soul PV (sorry for the bad quality)..in the wa ha ha pv and its perfs, subaru is still covering his right hand. but in the UFO CM, his right hand was shown with no visible tattoo....

utaban 2007.10.18

sorry but does anybody know where i am able to d/l utaban 2007.10.18 with kanjani 8 in it? cos i found the raw version but i am really no good with their dialogue without the subs =X
thanks in advance to whoever who may be able to help me with it!! =DD