April 7th, 2008

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Hello everyone,

    I'm back again sharing a youtube vid. ^^ This is a subbed clip of a drawing contest in Shounen Club. Hina, Yoko and Subaru are in it. Subaru drew one of the most demented looking monkey I have ever seen. ^.^ Yoko tries and fails at setting an example of what a monkey is suppose to look like. Hina takes over MCing from Kame. They are just love. ^^

I wish Kanjani8 would be guest on Kattun's show. I want to see the Eitos just overwhelm them with their cracky gheiness. XD

Here is the link to the sub. ^^

eito dragon
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Okay, I know fully well that I shouldn't post a "please join my community" post like this in here, and original I didn't want to either because I wanted to respect the people who didn't want to get flooded by post like these on this community.. But seeing as the last couple of week on my commu have been kinda dry of members wanting to submit, we always see the same 3-4 person submitting icons, I write this in hope that we can get more members and thereby also more different submitions.

So if you are an icon maker who likes Maru alot, please go and join maru_awards  m(.__.)m


[fanfic] The Friend 2/?

Title:The Friend 2/?
Pairings: OhYass,Subassan,RyoDa and mentions of other pairings
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Fluff?(i'll try)

Summary: “Some people say that never kiss a friend because that friend will be lost forever.
But what if the one person you’re looking for is that friend you’ve never kissed?”

Author's note: this is a graduation gift for nekoism because she requests OhYass... well i hope i give this pairing justice

Chapter: one

On to the next chapter!

"Hey, stop crying you're hurting me"

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[ request ]

since I got such a great response to my last request, I'm trying my luck again..

Does someone have the english subbed version of  "Daidaya 2007.12.29 - Ryo's date with Haruna "?
It's the funniest ever and I would really like to have it :)

So, if there's anyone who feel like uploading it for me I'll be forever thankfulPlease? (=

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2007.06.07 Utaban Subs

Hey you guys...i looked all over the journal for this, and googled it I could not find Subs for the shock game or for the talk.....i found them for the 2nd appearance in october, but not for this one....does anyone know where i can find it?? I would be forever appreciative ^^ arigatou!!!