April 8th, 2008


Shiawase Gokko 0804

I'm real nervous- I don't think I've ever posted here yet.

just wanted to share a scan from the April edition of Betsufure. I didn't check back to see if it was already scanned/shared, so I apologise for any repeats.

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also, if anyone has any of the previous shiawase corners, please, PLEASE share! I am having trouble finding anyone who scans them. any help is much appreciated <3
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14 Tacchon icons ♥

Hello :Dv

It's my first time posting here but I've been a member of this comm for a long time now. :D 
Anyway, I got bored so I made 14 Tacchon icons and I'd like to share them with you. Please try to check them out even if they're not that good. XD 

Just click the link below. :D
mamoritai ♥ 

.. and Comments are highly appreciated :3


[Fanfic] The Friend 3/?

Title: The Friend 3/?
Pairings: OhYass,Subassan,RyoDa and mentions of other pairings
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Fluff?(i'll try)

Summary: “Some people say that never kiss a friend because that friend will be lost forever. But what if the one person you’re looking for is that friend you’ve never kissed?”

Author's note: this is a graduation gift for nekoism because she requests OhYass... well i hope i give this pairing justice

Chapter one   two

In this chapter, Ohkura finds himself sulking over the loss time between him and Yasu

Just because my eyes don’t tear, it doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t cry. Just because I come out strong it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing wrong. Often, I choose to pretend that I’m happy so that I don’t have to explain myself to people who would never understand. Smiling has always been easier that explaining why I’m sad.”

Bubu ic

[REQUEST] Somewhat weird though XD

I was wondering if any of you could tell me the name of the song or band who sings the first Opening of Honjani, when they sarted... here's a sample of the song: 

Also the one for Recomen's opening... yeah I know very random.. but I just really like those songs, and I love that honjani nananana song XD

In other news....
Subaru isn't affected by the time XD
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Thank you
credit: aaa_is_loved

[SALE]May '08 Duet, WinkUp, Potato, Myojo, Popolo, Apr '08 mags, AnAn w/ Yamap, 08-09 Calendars, etc

new mags upp :]

--May '08 WinkUp -$12
--May '08 Potato (KAT-TUN 4-pg posterr, RYO pinup!) -$12
--May '08 Duet (NEWS on cover, HSJ double-sides 4-pg pinup, ARASHI double-sided pinup) -$12
--May '08 Myojo (NEWS on cover, HUGEEE 8-pg HSJ poster, KANJANI8 on Young Song cover) -$12
--May '08 Popolo (HSJ pinup) -$12
--AnAn Feb. 13 Feat. YAMAPI -$13
--08~09 JE CALENDARS! 1 NEWS, 1 KAT-TUN  LEFT! -$33 + shipping worldwide ($37 shipped in the U.S.) 
--April '08 WinkUp, Potato, Duet -$12 ea.
--Kurosagi Official Guidebook -$26
--FREESTYLE by Satoshi Ohno from ARASHI -$31
--April '08 Popolo -$12

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if u have questions/orders please contact me at crazypilovee@gmail.com or leave a comment at my LJ!!! thankss :D