April 15th, 2008

k8 ~high school~ ^-^

uh, u alll had been so nice, keep giving n all.. and i felt guilty since i dont really hv anythng 2 offer back..
but anyway, juz got calendar pics from  </a></font></b></a>insane_desire or </a></font></b></a>marikitdoodles ..<tenQ very much~!!> and well..
there's some pics of k8 in high school ^-^ hehe..i got a thing for those high school coat, so i made  wallpaper for my desktop..
hm, its my first time uploading, so i dont really know how..and it really juz me scrabbling and putting 2gether stuff.
so hope u like it ^__^

high school :

high school2:
(it really not much diffrnt, it juz tht i cant made up my mind to which one 2 put up,ohoh("D)sorry..)

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