April 19th, 2008


Onigishi perf in HEAT UP (karaoke subbed)

Hi minna ^^~ My 1st post here, *yoroshiku* ^____^ I'm an old-new fan. I was in Eito when they had their debut but after that I was out of J-music world, I've just come back recently so I'm rewatching all those old stuffs. Hope you guys don't mind that  my works are old.

I really love Onigishi & the one I love best was from HEAT UP concert. If you'd like to sing it again, go this way

Again nice to meet you all & please take care of me ^-^

ryopi bw
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[fic] The Art Series

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The Art Series

Chiaroscuro: The rendering of light and shade in painting; the subtle gradations and marked variations of light and shade for dramatic effect. The style of painting light within deep shadows.

Rating: NC17  Fandom: NewS  Genre: Romance, Smut, Angst  aka "the one you can't pronounce"

Primary colors: Red, yellow, and blue, the mixture of which will yield all other colors in the spectrum but which themselves cannot be produced through a mixture of other colors.
Rating: G  Fandom: Kanjani8  Genre: Friendship, Angst  aka "the one about the operation"

Trompe l'oeil: A term meaning "Fool the eye" in French. It involves rendering a subject with such detail and attention to lighting and perspective that the finished piece appears real and three-dimensional.
Rating: G  Fandom: NewS, Kanjani8  Genre: Friendship, slight Romance and Angst  aka "the one where they number the poses"

Value and Tone: Values - the relative lightness and darkness of greys or colors.  Tone - the light and dark values of a color.
Rating: NC17  Fandom: NewS  Genre: Smut and Angst  aka "the one with the fight"

Grisaille: The technique of painting a highly-modeled, black and white monochromatic base painting and then glazing it with transparent colors.
Rating: G  Fandom: NewS, Kanjani8  Genre: Romance, Friendship  aka "the one where he says it"

Gestalt: Gestalt theory states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating effective designs depends on creating and balancing gestalt.
Rating: NC17  Fandom: Kanjani8, NewS  Genre: Smut, Romance and Friendship  aka "the eito orgy"

Impasto: Thickly applied oil or acrylic paint that leaves dimensional texture through brushstrokes or palette knife marks.

Rating NC17  Fandom: NewS  Genre: Smut and Romance  aka "finally!"

Notan: A Japanese art/compositional term meaning "Dark-Light". It's the interplay of dark and light, positive and negative, and the implications of all opposites balancing harmoniously as one, in creating art.
Rating: NC17  Fandom: NewS, Kanjani8  Genre: Romance, Smut, Friendship  aka "the last one"

[Fanvid] OPV Mugendai

It's Tinzedesu reguest.  Sorry for my late reply, I haven't check my mail box recently. There you go http://www.mediafire.com/?y5de0ym2bwd

Glad that you like it ^ ^

My sister and I, we have made total of 4 OPVs by now (uploading the other three)
All 8's song. I hope we can release more in the future. 

*PS I tried to reply your email but I can't, maybe because you set it to privacy options or something.