April 20th, 2008

[pre-order] Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008 Concert Goods

The deadline is coming soon, so I'd better re-post this one more time.
(I already deleted the previous post I did long time ago anyway...^^...hope this will be ok)

I am taking order for Kanjani 8 current concert goods (Spring Live Tour 2008).
The deadline for transferring to paypal is on April 30.

[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Original Photo Set (1 group / 7 individuals)     U$13.00
[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Live Photo Set     U$13.00
[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Clearfile (t-shirt or suit: 2 groups / 14 individuals)     U$12.00
[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Mail Guard     U$12.00
[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Magical Band    
[Kanjani 8 Spring Live Tour 2008] Ball Pen & Memo Set     U$24.00

Sorry that I don't take order for other stuff, e.g. pamphlet, Eco Bag or Renger Pouch, due to the hardness in shipping and the limitation for buying these stuff at the concert.

Please go to the link below at my LJ for more detail of how to order.

[pre-order] Kanjani 8: Spring Live Tour 2008 Concert Goods

Thanks for the space here..^^..
Also x-post other places.

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Kanjani8 Summer Concert Tickets?

(no fanfics this time XD)

I hope its okay to post this here. I dont normally spam JE communitys like this but I'm really desperate.

I'm looking for Kanjani8 summer concert tickets in the month of August (That is when I'll be visiting. I hope to plan my trip around the concert if i manage to get ahold of tickets.) 

I'll be more than willing to pay the cost and then some- also if its your own extra ticket I'd be willing to pay your ticket price and mine as well as transportation costs. I say this because I know fans are picky about balloting for others or agreeing to go with a stranger. 

If anyone has any ideas where I can attain them that would be very helpful.
(I realize people always mention online auctions, but I havent a clue how to use them, plus I cant read Japanese.) I HAVE tried using yahoo auctions.jp but it wont let me sign up for premium membership, which i assume is what i need to bid on 5000yen or more because it wont accept my phone number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd find a way to return the favour/compensate if I got tickets.

Thanks again.

email: mystic_water_@hotmail.com


question and request

Is anyone here will go to one of Kanjani 8 Spring Concert? Because for some reasons I'm not able to make it and that's exactly why I'm looking for whoever will go to the concert and help me to buy the concert goods?

I really want it and suffer from the sadness of not able to go to the con. What makes thing worse is that we can only buy those goods in the venue there, and someone told me that we cant find the goods in johnny's shop. So can someone please, PLEASE, PLEASE help me get those concert goods?

I’m willing to compensate you for your help. So if you or you know someone who can help me to buy the concert goods, please leave comment here or leave me message at my Lj inbox. And we can work it out there.

Hope to hear the reply soon.


New Johnny's Goods and many more

feel free to visit my Lj


we have;
Nobuta wo Produce Bags

Nodame Cantabile Bags
Kanjani 8 Mousepad
Kanjani 8 & KAT-TUN school calendar

Akanishi Jin Sunglasses Necklace etc
Click here to know how to get free original photo album

Feel free to tell me if you have personal order, then I'll go to find it for you. Make sure you give me the hint or sample of the photos or goods ;)