May 4th, 2008


Kanjani8 Arena Tour 2008@Osaka Jo-Hall 2 May 6pm

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.  Pls forgive and advise me if I make any mistakes!  Thanks!

And this is my con report for K8's excellent opening night in Osaka!  My Jap's not great and I'm worse with Kansai-ben so there'll probably be a lot of mistakes/misunderstandings, but I think I got the gist of it and I hope everyone here can enjoy it with me! 

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That was long and I didn't even include the Ranger skit (which I will post if there is demand?).  It's pretty much the same as what  maishampoo-san had posted, but with some K8-style improvisation of course. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the report :) Wahaha!
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BC Fans - Meetup!

  Just a reminder to all BC fans in Canada!  There will be a meetup at Metropolis at Metrotown on Saturday, May the 17th! (2pm)

It is hosted by canada_johnnys!  Come and join the comm if you haven't already. ^^

We will be doing the craziest things ever meaning doing random crap 24/7.. including...

We actually have no clue what we're really going to be doing.  So basically, it'll be a do-as-you-go meetup. XD
Maybe we'll go shopping... DDRing... STICKY PICS!! =O


Come and join us on May 17!!

All the info that you need about the meetup is in the comm somewhere. >< Scroll down a bit and you'll probably see it. ^^

x-posted a bit.  >< will stop right now.

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

A silly question about concert tickets

Sorry for asking such a dumb question, probably to most of you, but I was wondering --

How do I order tickets for Eito concerts from abroad and if possible, how do I join the fanclub?

I plan on taking a trip to Japan (for about a week), finally, after getting enough PTO (Paid Time Off) to take off and I hopefully I would like to take this trip while Eito is on tour.

Thanks guys~!

Also, if anyone knows how to join the fanclub, directly or indirectly, let me know! 8D;

[Translation] Lyrics - DESIRE

I have translated the lyrics of DESIRE (by Subaru and Shota) which they sing during this Spring Tour.

I got the Japanese lyrics that I based this translation on from mixi. If they ever release an official version of this, I'll edit the mistakes if there were any. The translation is done by me.

HERE is the translation.