May 6th, 2008


for sale: WU 6/07

i was organizing my magazines yesterday and found out that i have a double copy of Wink Up - June 2007 edition. i'm selling it for US$12 (without shipping fee). i accept only PayPal.


What's inside?

- pullout K8 poster
- topless Eito
- cute NEWS shots
- lovely KT shots; without Jin (sorry!)
- georgeous shots of TxT
- close-up Arashi shots
- Jin's 1-page come-back article
- pretty Toma shot
- also includes Kinki Kids, Okada Junichi, Morita Go, Miyake Ken, HaseJun, Jr. groups
- non-JE: Ueto Aya, Matsuda Shota, Toda Erika, Shirota Yu

Magazine condition
- in perfect condition, as if you just bought it from the magazine stand
- never been opened (since i have 2 copies)
- no folds or anything of the likes
- in plastic wrapping

interested buyers, kindly send me an e-mail at . will ship anywhere but be reminded that shipping fee will depend on which country you're living. will ship it thru registered mail. please state your lj username & country in your e-mail.


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looking for someone

delete if not allowed.

Hey.. I'm looking for someone. My friend and I met three lovely people at the Johnny's shop in Osaka a few weeks ago and I'm so stupid cause we should've exchanged email addys! So if you remember meeting 2 blonde aussie chicks.. i'm the one who loves subaru ^^ at the shop and taking us to the okonamiyaki place (which i am still excited about) drop me a line.. I have a really nice pic of the three of you i would like you to have and just to say THANKYOU!!!!