May 9th, 2008




Konnichiwa minna…I need ur favor again… This is the second times I posted this surveys… Million thanks for u all who replied my first posted survey…thank you so much…u help me so much..><


Now we, at POP RAINBOW are having a survey in order to collect some information regarding on the entertainment scenario in Malaysia. So we need u to answer this questionnaires… Exspecially to Malaysians..we need this questionnaire to be answer so we can get the result as soon as possible…


The link of questionnaires is given below:


Any question and suggestion..u can leave me a comment or emel us at :

Minna.. Domou arigatou ne..@(^-^)@..

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Yoko Teehee

Thank You!

Hello everyone!!
I have been making these felt dolls very recently and i wanted to make the eito rangers!
so i did and i just wanted to say thank you for being a really awesome community
you guys are super cool and nice and always post a lot of kanjani stuff so..
THANK YOU!!¤t=CIMG2346.jpg

ps i added uchi because i had pink felt...i hope that's ok ;;;
oh and here's a kanjani dog pile¤t=CIMG2350.jpg
credit: aaa_is_loved

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