May 13th, 2008

Tacchon fanart again

 Here I am trying to draw Tacchon again. This time, I used paint. I've been thinking of doing it for the longest time ever but i don't have time. And sometimes, i'm just too lazy to do it. Now, that i have, here it is.

Sorry again if i didn't gave justice to tacchon's face.  [Alam ko..maguloooo!!!! haha!! Imaginin niyo na lang na siya yan! =D]

Ryo Subaru

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I was watching Chinen obsess over Ohno on HSJ's visit to Domoto Kyoudai (Chinen obsessiong over Rida is hilarious. XD). It got me wondering if any other junior obsess over any Kanjani8 members. I know couple of juniors do look up to Ryo-chan but are there any that just love their Kanjani8 senpai? This line of thinking also got me wondering if any artist or actor outside of Johnny's listen to Kanjani8. Are there any? Hell do even other Johnny's listen to Kanjani8? I'm thinking that junior Kawai may be one. On the Intro Don game, he was jumping up to most of the Kanjani8 songs. Either he listens to them or has a very good memory.

So what does everyone think?

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

[CrackFic] Ryo Nishikido Has More Fans Than Me (Maru+Yoko)

Title: Ryo Nishikido Has More Fans Than Me
Fandom: Kanjani8
Author: lady_mercury
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Johnny's Entertainment, Johnny's Jimusho, Johnny's and Associates, Imperial Records, and Teichiku Records.
Summary: It's another day, another recording of Janiben, and Maruyama Ryuhei realizes something -- Ryo Nishikido has more foreign fans than him. And more slash pairings. Life is not fair!
Members: Maru and Yoko (and maybe pairing possibly if you look at it... in a certain way.... though its just a gen fic. needmoaryokomaruficsplz)
Notes: I just noticed that Ryo Nishikido is like the official bandslut between Eito and NEWS, and probably JE, so I decided to write this crack fic where Maru vents out his frustration to Yoko about it. OOC to the max. :D

( “ Why is that?! Even over there I’m shafted! Is there no love for me? Is Nishikido-kun too good for me?!" )
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OMG, i am so nervous writing my first post to this community..

anyone of you good people have these clips for me to have:-

1) kemarishi behind the scene (better if it has english subs)
2) spirit con backstage (i'll give you a big hug if you have english subs)

yoroichiku  yoroshiku onegaishimasu...

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I have a random question. I've been trying to figure this one out on my own and I think I'm just missing something.

I'm a member of the You&J fanclub and I wanted to get the j-webs sent to my cell phone. How do I sign up for that? Does anyone know?

Taken care of!

Thanks for your help!


Hello :D

I'm looking for the scans of 2007 Kanjani8 Calender (HiRes) and maybe some good people here can provide me with a download link? ;O all the previous links have either expired or deleted :(

Thank you