May 14th, 2008


Was wondering if anyone knew who were the most popular members of Kanjani8 in Japan? I saw the recent JE official popularity poll on the website but i couldn't read it cause my computer is stupid :P
Thanks XD

for all your needs

2008-2009 Calendars
[here to see]

[Pre-Order] Arashi Marks Dream-A-Live Con Goods
[here for price list]

[Pre-Order] NEWS Summer Time Shop Photos
[here for the preview]

[Pre-Order] KAT-TUN Dont You Ever Stop Shop Photos
[here for the preview] *will be back with the previews (pre-order now and get ONE FREE - you choose it)

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blurrytown : nobuta bags, how to get FREE photo albums!
even PERSONAL ORDER! feel free to contact me~! (^^)
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more to come : pre order for KATTUN & K8 Summer Con Goods
(it's early I know, but you can leave me your e-mail then I'll buzz you when
the list out and everything is ready ;) Since I'll go to various place this summer,
Im able to pick more stuff in venues. dont ehsitate to mail me then! ;D)



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School has started up again and I have some major debt to pay off, so I've made some tough decisions and packed my selling community full of things. I'm not finished yet, so look for more to come!

A list with links:

Okura 2007 Clear file
Ryo Pacific Clear file
Ryo 2007 Clear file
Murakami Shingo 2007 Clear file
Ryo A Happy NEWS year 2006 Clear file
clear files

3 unofficial Kanjani8 pencil boards
pencil boards

Subaru and Okura Poster
Subaru Dreamboys Poster
Subaru Another's Another 2006 Poster
Subaru Poster
Maruyama 2008 ∞だよ Poster

Newer photos including WaHaHa
Newer official photos

Un-official Uchi and Kusano playzone pictures, plus Uchi at the NEWS dome con pictures

I combine shipping on all flat things. (photos, pencil boards, clear files) and combine shipping on posters. I accept paypal, revolution money exchange and concealed cash. All items are shipped from Japan.