May 19th, 2008


[FIC] Stockings and Heels or Tacchon, You Pervert! [1 of 2]

Title: Stockings and Heels or Tacchon, You Pervert! [1 of 2]
Pairing: Shoko/Ohkura. Shoko being Yasu's okan alter-ego.
Rating: PG-13 [smut in part 2]
Summary: Tacchon discovers that Yasu visits his alter-ego in his spare time. Smut ensues. 8D

Notes: While making rounds on the Je Smut/Kink meme, I came across a wonderful Tadako/Yasu fic by the wonderful </a></b></a>uchikins. :) It left me longing for Shoko/Ohkura. I asked her to write it sometime, but it seems I'm too.....wound up to wait. I decided to write it myself. XD  Yasu just looks too adorable in a dress. I'm sure Tacchon would agree with me. ;)

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~ Popolo Mags for Sale ~

Hey guys, this time I'm selling for my friend, she have 9 issues of Popolo and some other misc goods for sale! For the Popolo magazines, some have missing pages of Domoto Tsuyoshi, but other than that, all pages are intact and in really good condition!! (^_^)

Popolo @ SGD$8 EACH

Misc Goods:
- Kinki Kids - F Concert VCD (with Postcard) @ SGD$10 (Watched Once Only)
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More details and Pictures over here...

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because, obviously, i have way too much time in my hands...

So today - May 19, 2008 - is my one-year-into-the-JE-fandom anniversary and in celebration, I've decided to make a little JE timeline of sorts.

I'm an extremely sentimental person and I make it a point to note down and remember things that may seem trivial and insignificant to everyone else. I carry a tiny calendar with me everywhere with all occasions - birthdays and appointments, the firsts and even the lasts - marked, and getting into into the JE fandom is no exception. I know you lot probably don't care but I'm doing this anyway because 1) I swear there's gold in here somewhere and; 2) I don't ever want to forget. :D

{ "The online learning experience was a colorful blur of links to pimp posts and 'HOW THE EFF DO YOU TELL THEM APART!?'s and weekly name-that-JE-guy tests. It was tough, but slowly, I found that I was actually capable of learning! *O*" }