May 23rd, 2008

Spirit con~~^^

hi all ^-^ i juz want to ask abt the MC part in spirit con...abt the maru n pudding part..uhuh..i watch it few times but still dont get it..wht r they talking abt..?suddenly felt my jpnese is really terrible..and another part where they talk abt the nick name..what was ryo's reply to yoko~~? x_x  
baka baka baka aho!!!

still some le on kanjani on play-asia

hey guys !

i just wanted to let you know if you're still looking to buy 
kanjani "wahaha" single limited edition , it's still available here

it costs 9.90$

and play-asia also still have the "47" 4 dvd edition at 74.90$

both are the japanese edition!

well i just wanted to let you guys know if you were still looking for it!

bye bye