May 25th, 2008

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[Request] nishikido ryo song

minna genkiiii?
i was wondering if anyone of u knows the name of the song that ryo-chan sang in SC, 
where he says:
"Now the time to go
There's a wall to block"

something like that, it's kinda old~
plz... tell me the name of the song (would appreciate mp3 n lyrics) ^^

규현 - Hand-Heart

Spring con itens

Hell people! Sorry for troubling you with this post m(_ _)m

People who bought Spring Concert goods from bloody_cherriesdid you get your itens yet? because I haven't. And I'm seriously pissed off... =.=

She never answer my e-mails. The last one I've received from her is that she was saying the live photos weren't avaiable yet. But man, it was one and half month already!!

I'd like to know if someone knows what happened with her. Her friend or something. Because maybe she is a thief or something serious happened to her (like an accident or alike).

Well, thank you and sorry for the incovenience!
Bass guitar Maru

Eito Ranger Cosplay


Hello everyone!
I hope this is allowed, but my friends and I cosplayed all 7 Eito Rangers! this weekend at AnimeNorth.
We had a blast, and took tones of pictures.
I know a few of you kept saying to "post pictures" when we have them and i know we met a few of you at AnimeNorth and due to some costume restrition (we had already took half of it off) and missing Members (Yellow kept running away) we told you guys to check the Communities of LiveJournal for pictures.

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