June 5th, 2008

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I everyone this is my first post.^^ My friend's really got me into Kanjani8, but I'm obviosuly a few haircuts behind.

So simply this is a request. I was wondering if anyone as a good/large amount of pictures with Subaru and his longer hair. If you do it would be much appreciated!!

Selling Kanjani8 cover magazine set 8D

Hi guys!

I'm selling brand new copies of The Television Weekly (May31~June6 edition) and The TV Guide (Kanto Limited edition for May31~June6) as a set!

(sorry for the poor quality photo ><")

Price: 15USD + shipping

Shipping to US/Canada/Europe/Australia:
- regular air mail 10USD (no tracking, approx. 5~10days)
- EMS 15USD (with tracking, approx. 3~5days)
- SAL mail 6USD (no tracking, approx. 14 days)

Shipping from Japan :D I can ship to other parts of the world but please ask for shipping!

I accept payment via paypal (in USD).

If you're interested, please email me at winds_air[at]hotmail.com - first come first served!
Keep Out

A request and a Wallie ^^''

Hi minna!!, this afternoon I was cleaning my Kanjani's folder erasing some songs but I deleted a really good version of  'Mikan', too T__T. Can someone upload this song for me? I really will appreciate that, and if you guys have Ame-chan and Purin, that would be great!

In exchange I upload a wallpaper I made thinking in Yuu-chan in 'Onigishi' ^^:

A lot of thanks and excuse me for my crappy english x////x (and excuse for put only one face at the onigiri, it's just I can't draw very well with mouse XDU)

P.S.: I must do two more wallies, a Subaru's and an Ohkura's o///o, gomen nasai for the long waiting.