June 10th, 2008

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CJEF - Vancouver Meetup && Ontario Meetup!

Just a note, this is not an advertisement for the CJEF LJ comm.  I came to say that  we are hosting yet another Vancouver meetup. ^^

Last meetup was fun and very enjoyable.  All plans have been made and they are up on  canada_johnnyscomm. =] 

When: June 21 - 2pm to whenever you want to leave
Where:  Richmond Centre in front of the movie theatre (just like last time.) There will be a sign so you will know who to look for.
Activities:  Fangirling, JE-related Games w/ Prizes, Dance-a-thon (maybe) and possibly Karaoke.  There will be many other activities so check out the CJEF comm for all information.
Other: So far we have about 4 confirmed and about 6 maybes. (Some from FaceBook)

Onto the Ontario Meetup notes..

We are holding a poll for possible dates.  Please check out  canada_johnnysto vote.  They are all weekdays. =]  

When: -Subject to Change-  *voting results pending*
Place: We've decided on First Markham Place, because it's not too crowded or busy, but still fun. Plus, it's not easy to get lost :D [3275 Highway 7, Toronto, ON M5H 3A1, Canada - (905) 474-5101‎] If you need help with directions, lemme know (:
Time: 2pm-5pm. Since we wanna keep it casual, we decided the afternoon is best, let people sleep in XD
Other Details: So we'll be meeting at the food court, shouldn't be hard to find, you just keep walking straight once you're inside. And Both of us will be wearing yellow t-shirts [because despite how useful signs are, they look kinda tacky, XD plus, I dont have anything we could use for a sign anyways] So yeah. Once you've confirmed you're coming, I can give you my cell number too. Oh, and one more thing. Don't get thrown off by the fact that I'm brown. Yes, I know it's weird, and I get made fun of it a lot [mostly by my brothers and cousins] but yea~ I still like JE XD

The above information was c+p from the CJEF comm as I am not black (no offense) but yellow..... (chinese).  ( ssm_kiyumi)

Both meetups will be casual so dress up in anything you want. ^^ You could wear formal nightgowns (maybe not.. but just saying), work clothes,  teen/summer clothing.. etc. 
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Sparkling Wallpaper Post

I bring you a few - actually 13 - wallpapers I made during the last few weeks instead of studying for my exams

.3. kanjani8
.1. ryo
.2. yasu
.1. okura
.1. aiba.ohno.nino
.2. aiba
.1. sho
.1. last friends
.1. hiroto


more at my journal

I'm not sure how to tag this... i tried, but I think I did something wrong m(-_-)m
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Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

[Gen-Fic] Ryo Nishikido is Evil and Will Eat Your Babies

Title: Beware of Nishikido Ryo
Fandom: Kanjani8
Author: lady_mercury
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Johnny's Entertainment, Johnny's Jimusho, Johnny's and Associates, Imperial Records, and Teichiku Records.
Summary: As all supportive groups should be, everyone has been watching Ryo's hot new drama, Last Friends... but after watching episode 9, the latest episode, the group seems to be afraid of the popular Jimusho member.
Notes: This was a plotbunny I've had sometime after watching episode 9 as well as mixing in the whole "Everyone keeps thinking Ryo is Sousuke and Sousuke is Ryo" debacle. Pure gen-fic fluffly crack. :)

( “ Watch me, when I'm famous in Hollywood due to my perfect English you'll be taking back what you said about me and my Middle School diploma!” With that, the twenty-seven year old man returned to his game of Eigo Zuke. )

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I don't know if i could ask this question here but I'll try anyway..
I want to print pictures of je boys on a local store in my country. However, I don't know what are the right size I should use so as to not destroy the pic.  Moreover, I 'd like to create a 'wallpaper-like' picture and print it afterwards.  Then again, I don't know the right pixels to use. Please help me.....Thanks in advance.


For those who follow my stories, you'll notice I've used the same sort of titling >3< No, this isn't a story - but I am sharing something x3

Three days ago (7th June 2008), I recorded a version of Tacchon's Mamoritai (the karaoke, of which, was kindly provided by kuroi_shin - thank you so muuch~ <3)

Initially, I hadn't planned to share with you guys, just leave it on my SoundClick to rot away with time >3< But today (10th June 2008), after I checked my SoundClick, I saw that it had, in the space of two days, shot to number 20 on the Cover Pop Charts. I still wasn't convinced that it's as good a recording as my friends say, but I have more confidence now to share it with all of you guys.

Here it is.

I shan't say anymore, but please, please, please, if you listen, a comment (however criticising it may be) would make me really happy~

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+100 ICONS

- Ludwig Kakumei 01 - 10
- Code Geass 11 - 20
- Nabari no Ou 21 - 25
- Vampire Knight 26 - 35
- La Corda D'oro 36 - 40

Japanese Dramas
- Gokusen 01 - 10
- Osen 11 - 15
- Proposal Daisakusen 16 - 23
- Absolute Boyfriend 24 - 25

- NEWS 01 - 10
- KAT TUN 11 - 15
- Miyake Ken 16 - 20
- Ikuta Toma 21 - 25
- Uchi Hiroki 26 - 30

- DBSK 01 - 05


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who is your favourite JE kawaii chibi?

Hi Minna ,

 and I are curious what all you fangirls out there think!

so we decided to come up with a KAWAII CHIBI RANKING!!!!

a total of 10 random JE boys are spotted to be super kawaii when they were younger.  and we need YOUR OPINION to determine who is the Cutest JE baby of all time!!

Please, help us with this short little survey. onegai!


thanks alot!

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