June 24th, 2008


Oricon has published its half-yearly report for 2008 ranking.

Kanjani8's "47" has made it as the no.1 half-yearly music-DVD of 2008 with 274,171 copies sold!

In the overall DVD category, "47" is no.3 behind movie DVDs, Transformers & Pirates of Caribbean. For music-DVDs, the closest to "47" is Arashi's "SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL Time -Kotoba no Chikara-" with 192,605 copies. EDIT: Oricon year 2008 starts from Dec 24th 2007, about a week after "47" was released. Officially, all releases before this date were categorized as Oricon year 2007, including KT's cartoon II you, NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story (total: 187,188), and Arashi's AAA+DOME (total: 206,913).


I think the "47" has a chance to maintain the no.1 spot till the end of the year. Let's all hope for it! XD


"47" broke the record for 2007 but was not included for Oricon year because Oricon year 2007 lasted until December 17th which was the week "47" was released...officially for Oricon year 2007, KAT-TUN cartoon II you was the no.1 music-DVD with total now 225,060...
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request; scans

uhm, hi~ i'm kinda new to the k8 fandom and i'm looking for some particular scans i've seen before.

the first one is the mag scans that has the theme of the beach where ryo was smiling so much.
second, the one where they were their eito rangers costume.

sry, i'm not saving k8 pictures so i don't have the samples but i hope my description was ok. thanks for any help~