June 25th, 2008

Nisemono Awards!

     I've seen enough Johnny's video remakes -- so I know people love doing em...

      SO, I bring to you....NISEMONO!

     If you need more info on the convention itself -- please feel free to visit our website [http://www.dot-con.com] or our Livejournal Comm [http://community.livejournal.com/dotcon/profile] or if you have any questions -- email us at info@dot-con.com.

     I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Johnny's fans can come up with!!


     There are five things you need to know before entering a submission for a Niseimono award or submitting an entry for Nisemono:

  1. What is Nisemono?
  2. 偽物 / ニセもの / にせもの / nisemono
    spurious article; forgery; counterfeit; imitation; sham

         Basically, Nisemono means fake in Japanese.

         Nisemono is about not only recreating or impersonating (faking) music videos, movie trailers, anime and television dramas but also having fun while doing so.
  3. How do I create a Nisemono submission?

    1. Pick something you want to imitate.
    2. Grab a camera.
    3. Coerce some friends into participating.
    4. Film it.
    5. Submit it!

    It’s just that simple!

  4. My video isn’t exact, can I still submit it?
  5.      YES! You can still submit it. We have several categories; just make sure you enter it under the proper category. Remember it’s the fun you have making it that counts in the end.
  6. How do I submit?
  7.      Please see the submission section. It’s quite easy; all you really need is internet access.
  8. When is the deadline?
  9.      The deadline for ALL submissions is OCTOBER 1ST. We will, under no circumstances, accept entries after this date.

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i'm not sure if i could make requests here...>.<''' sorry if can't, pls delete.
does anyone know where i could find performances of Mugendai, Mitsutekure and stereo??
and which cd does Eden come from? i can't seem to find it..does anyone have the mp3?

haha, hope that's not too much to ask for..thanks minna!