July 7th, 2008

Ranger Cosplay

Hello everybody!!

Me and my friend grimy13 cosplayed the Eito Rangers at Anime Expo this past weekend! I was Black and she was Yellow. :D (I know there's a few things we need to fix.. we'll get to that eventually.... overall, though, I was satisfied!)

This seems to be the only picture I took.. for some reason, I thought we took more pictures, but now that I think about it, I realize we really didn't. XD! Oopsie.

It was lots of fun getting to meet all of the random Johnny's fans while there!!! :D
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 Surprise Surprise... I watched the concert last night... and today I went back with my BF to Tokyo Dome to buy concert goods... and on a whim he bought us tickets for tonights show!!! I could not beleive it!! So we watched together... Now here are a few things I noticed:

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Tacchon solo con (?)

Sooo... My japanese is not that good to can give you 100% sure news, or much details (maybe someone should add more later) ^^'' anyway... 

They announced it at today concert...
"When" isn't already decided.... surely when I'll be no more in Japan T__T
And if I understood well, they said something about a Subaru solo in september... (but it can just be me not understanding what they said, or a joke, or something, so don't take this as sure...^^''')
A Fine Frenzy

12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Spring 2008)

BOTH RYO AND UCHI are nominated for best supporting actor for the Spring 2008 drama season at Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix!!!

now i know i know this award is totally a popularity contest.... but Ryo and Uchi's acting really do deserve some recognition!!! there were so many people i wanted to vote for but in the end it all boils down to Ryo or Uchi for me....

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VOTING ended...

[notes] 080614 tokio night club - hina + tatsu as guests

A few weeks ago [info]youchandesu uploaded an episode of TOKIO Night Club, and here is a summary.
        - Hina being like a parent and Tacchon being the usual him
        - Talk of what Tacchon's like when drunk
        - The reason Hina doesn't talk to Yoko much in the dressing foom
I was going to wait till the second week turned up, but I haven't seen it around so I thought I'd go ahead already.
And so... also a request, does anyone have the second week's file? I'd SO appreciate it if I could get my paws on it <3

Solo concerts

On today's show Eito announced that there're going to be solo concerts for Tacchon and Subaru in Johnnys theater in Odaiba.
Subaru will have his in September (with FiVe) and Tacchon - in October (corrected)
Subaru will also have shows in Osaka, Tacchon's schedule is still undecided.