July 24th, 2008

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[Layout] Controlled Chaos in Style - S2 Flexible Squares

I originally made this layout for the upcomming K8 layout contest but then I realized it didn't really fit... a community theme if it makes any sense. It looks like it'd do better for a personal journal.  This is made using flexible squares for the S2 style system. It should work with all account levels and all images have been hosted on Tinypic.com, so if you don't like that you can always host the images on your own server.

( Click Here to Get the Layout! )

Enjoy guys!


[06:37] <&Ladymercury> I FORGOT OHKURA AGAIN
[06:37] <~Ryulong> OH NO NOT OHKURA
[06:37] <&Ladymercury> I NOES
[06:39] <~Ryulong> YOU DIRTY BITCH
[06:39] <&Ladymercury> I AM SUCH A BITCH D:

I fixed it now if you noticed his name missing. I have a.... habit of ... forgetting Ohkura.... .... I dont know why... I just forget him.
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FANFICTION: Ohkura/Food and Ryo/Uchi ♥

Title: The Almost-Rape of Ohkura's Date
Disclaimer: I own Ohkura's date and that is all. XD
Summary: The members of Eito find Ohkura's date all alone and just can't resist how delicious she looks....
Notes: The second fic of my possible Ohkura/Food series well, should I make it a series?. . . XDDDD

Subaru licked his lips. "... Ohkura isn't here, is he?"

Title: Dance Lessons
Disclaimer: Blaaah. *makes funny faces* 
Summary: Hiroki needs to learn how to dance before the school dance and turns to his best friend Ryo for lessons.
Notes: RyoUchi love

"One, two, three, one, two, th- Hiroki, you don't have to stare at the floor so much. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon," a low voice teased, causing nervous chocolate colored eyes to look up at half-lidded ones that gleamed with amusement.

Comments are love~ 

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

[rumors] Because at least some of us is dying for Yoko to score that drama

More rumors! From 2ch about that rumroed Tuesdays @ 10pm on FujiTV drama that Yoko has been rumored to be lead on for the past .... month and a half.

1. It's not about animals anymore D: Its back to medical drama. (NOOO I WANNA RELIVE MY AIBA/YOKO DOUBUTSUEN FANTASIES. VERY DANGER, YES? ;O;)
2. Its based off of the book Team Bachista Batista no Eikou (The Glorious Team Bachista Batista) by Daitou Takeru
3. The book was also turned into a movie, so if you wanna know what its about: http://www.team-b.jp/main.html

In a nutshell: Great surgical team of 7, someone dies, they have to find the culprit among the 7 genious surgeons.

No one knows who Yoko is gonna play, but if its the male lead then it has to be Abe Hiroshi's character.

Um... what else what else....

Oh yeah, rumored cast list has changed again:

Mizuki Arisa, Kitamura Kazuki, and Mikaji Yuusuke

Um, yeah. So, that's it on that one. Now this is something I really don't believe, but who knows, maybe this is the drama since we are drawing closer to more accurate "rumors".

Again, people, this is RUMORS nothing set in stone yet. Besides, like a friend pointed out to me, this movie was produced by Toho and has ties to TBS, so the chances of this being the rumored drama story is hard because... What would TBS be doing giving away their movie to a rival station?

Another reply took the Team Bachista Batista story off, so maybe its no go. Either way,that's your OMG YOKO YOU NEED A DRAMA AND YOU NEED ONE NOW update.

Congrats to Ryo for getting his drama. Now he, too, can be like Yamapi. ya....y.
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Sorry about this, but for some time, I've been looking for the PV for "Naniwa Iroha Bushi" subtitled. I looked through the PV tags, but I didn't see it. Would any one here be willing to share it? I'd appreciate it so much! Thank you!

Edit: Since no one has seen it subbed, does anyone have the raw PV to share?