September 1st, 2008

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

[Layout] Black and White with a Dab of Color - S2 Flexible Squares

You know, when you're really really bored you start to do things. And I made a layout XD I am EXTREMELY proud at how this one came out. It's nice and clean and yet has a bit of a punch. I also spent a lot of time on it (damn you #footer). I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

( You Can Grab it Here )

Enjoy :3

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Kanjani Live Tour 2008 Brushes for GIMP 2.0

Hey!!  So, this is my first time posting here, in fact I just joined *is slow*.  Anyways, here are some brushes for GIMP 2.0 (.gbr files).

Check it out here at my journal.  Thanks^^   

Also check out this post for some more brushes originally by marikitdoodles but converted to GIMP 2.0.  The pack includes Kanjani8 as well as other various Johnny's groups.

PS. Ermm if I did this wrong, tell me and I'll fix it.
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[oneshot] The last one standing

title; The last one standing
author; Mani/r_hr_maniac
characters; Kanjani8
genre; death (that is the genre of this piece. yes) and some D:
rating; pg-13 (or higher. some slightly disturbing images. or more than slightly. depends.)
length; 1 077 words
disclaimer; I sincerely hope this will never happen. Even if I owned them I wouldn't make this happen, seriously :D
summary; Basically? It's a car shrimp accident. And it just so happens to one of my most favourite groups on Earth. Ryo's POV.

A/N; No bashing for the content. Yes, I hurt them. But if I were an anti or just simply not a fan, I wouldn't be writing a fanfiction about them, would I? No, I wouldn't.
I'm slightly disturbed myself. I don't know how this came up but I've seen worse. There's probably not much emotion it this but it was meant to be like that. It's more close to a dry description of a car accident than to a person's final emotional minutes of their life.
Unbeta-ed. I might've hurt not just Kanjani8 but also English itself.

(I can feel Ohkura’s elbow in my ribs. The air is getting into the car through all of the broken windows and holes. I’m getting cold.)