September 5th, 2008

Messages from Johnny's are fake

Regarding those messages supposedly sent by the Johnny's (those complaining about the fans), I'd like to inform everyone that THEY ARE FAKE. THEY ARE MADE-UP. I'm in the fanclub and I haven't received anything. I waited all this days to see if I'd receive something, but I haven't. Neither have my Japanese friends who are also members.
I read all the comments from the different JE group's communities, and nobody has received anything. If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself here, here, and here.

I know that it is said that the boys from Johnny's have done something like sending a letter to the fanclub members before (maybe more than once), and maybe that one might be true, but this one DEFINITELY ISN'T. This one was not handwritten, it was not signed and, worse, there wasn't even any mail sent to JE fanclub members.

Judging from the way the messages were written, it was probably made-up by a 13 year-old who believed she was helping by doing so. Doesn't anyone think it's at least strange that no senpai wrote any message this time, that the messages were written in extremely unpolite Japanese and that a 15 year-old was the representative? Doesn't anyone find it strange that no one has received this supposed mail?

Just because some young Japanese girls believed this and copied it in their blogs, it doesn't make it true. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet, guys. Blogs don't hold the truth, even if they are Japanese blogs.
It's not my intention to spoil the fun, but I just hate to be deceived. And this time, not only me, but hundreds or maybe thousands of people were deceived as well.
And I'm not saying the guys don't have the right to complain. They do have the right. But the truth is that THEY DIDN'T complain, at least not this time.

Thank you for your attention.

(cross-posted everywhere, sorry)

Edit: masuda_takahits, who is a native Japanese and who is also in YOU&J just gave me this translation of an old message from Tsubasa. She wants all of us to understand that 'warning stalkers and spreading fake documents are different problems'. This is what she wrote:

This is a translation of Tsubasa's handwritten message from the warning sent by Johnny's and shown at Family Club during 2005-2006 to warn stalkers, feel free to copy this if it's valuable.

"I've heard that there are people who are telling lies on the unofficial 'mails' or 'websites' to make fun of fans confused and unfortunately there are lots of people who believe them, that I felt sad a lot. Please never believe except Johnny's web(*J-web) and Johnny's net!"


Good afternoon! and a request from the Maintainer

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well!  I know many of you have started the new school year (or new term) this month just like me, which brings all kinds of fun things.  It also means that we are all pretty busy, I imagine. >.<

In my previous message, I had said I would be shutting down the k8_com_group at the end of August, but due to work and other obligations, I wasn`t able to.  Therefore, this weekend I will be sitting down and moving things over to this community, and then I will be deleting that community.

As things, such as the sidebar links, will be moving to the main community, I have a few reminders and requests:
  • If your community is listed here, then you may apply to be placed in the Monthly Spotlight again.  However, please understand that I will not give out `permanent` positions, and if you do reapply, you have to wait your turn.
  • If you do apply for the Mothly Spotlight, your community MUST be related to Johnny`s/Kanjani8.  Recently, communities have applied that are completely unrelated to this community.  Read the rules before you apply.
  • Tag your entries please!  Everyone has been doing a great job lately! :D
  • We are NOT allowing sales posts on the community anymore, and this applies to giveaways as well.  Recently some were posted, and were deleted because some contained sales posts in the links to the information.  Read the rules before you post.
I will post again sometime this weekend to update you on the move. :D I hope everyone has a good weekend!


EDIT: The community has been deleted, and I have moved the community posts here:
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Monthly Features! (Back Issues)

Welcome to Monthly Features: Back Issue Edition!

Here you can find the communities who have been listed in past editions of the Monthly Features. (As posted in the sidebar).

Looking for a translation community? How about a place where you can sell those magazines or goods you don't want anymore? How about a fansub for Honjani? Icons? Wallpapers? Maybe even a "..._daily" community? Look no further!

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Kanjani∞ (Specific):
eitokaraoke: Kanjani∞ Karaoke Community.
eitokickass: Kanjani∞ Subbing Community.
eito_ratings: Find out which Kanjani8 member you are most like.
kanjani_awards: Kanjani-icon Awards Community.
meccha_omoroi: Kanjani∞ @ NEWS Episode Book Community.
sukkiyanen: Kanjani∞ Calendar Scanlation Community.
kanjaniaday: Kanjani∞ Daily Community.
musekinin: Kanjani∞ Subbing Community.
k8summary: A weekly update on news, downloads, translations, etc.
eito_screencaps: Kanjani∞ screencaps sharing community.
eito_br: A Brazilian community dedicated to Kanjani8 where the fans can discuss about the group in Portuguese.
eitoreinjya: a Kanjani8 fanprojects community.
eito_gifs: A place where everyone can share their K8 gifs.
kanjani8_quotes: A collection of Kanjani8 quotes.
aysubs: A Kanjani8 English language fansubbing community.
osfansub: Kanjani8 Spanish fansubs.
kanjani8gifaday: A daily dose of gorgeous animations with our favourite boys! ^^
kanjaniji8: Kanjani8 French fansubs and forum.
eito_addict: A french fansub community for Kanjani8 since 2009.
kanjani_fanfics: We are a new fanfiction community, related to all Kanjani8 members, feel free to join and post your fictions here.
8ers: [English] Spanish fansub community, releasing videos mostly related to Kanjani8.
[Spanish] Comunidad de fansub en español, dedicada mayormente a lanzamientos relacionados con Kanjani8.
eito_dramas: a community focusing on Kanjani8 acting activities.
eitokun: Eito archive community.
k8_library: An index of much of the public Kanjani8 fanfiction out there. Please check it out!
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.
eito_scan: a place for fans to take a lot of Eito's scans (mags, booklets, pamphlets, clearfiles, etc.)

Shibutani Subaru:
subaru_awards: Subaru-icon Awards Community.
baru_says: Subaru Translation Community.
barugifaday: A daily gif community dedicated to Shibutani Subaru.
yasuba_prompt: Fanfic prompt community for Yasuba fic writers and readers :)
baru_world: Community for Subaru's jwebs (Eng/Thai), radio shows, performances, etc.

Uchi Hiroki:
ryo_uchi: The community for the cutest couple ever, RyoChi~ ♥
uchi_daily: The daily community for Uchi Hiroki.
original_pinku: Uchi Hiroki Community.
uchi_a_day: Uchi Hiroki Daily Community.

Nishikido Ryo:
ryoaday: Ryo Pictures Everyday Community.
ryo_awards: Ryo-icon Awards Community.
ryo_uchi: The community for the cutest couple ever, RyoChi~ ♥
ryopinlove: a community only for Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo, and Yamashita Tomohisa
ryogifaday: A daily Nishikido Ryo gif community.
ryoinaction: A community for all of Nishikido Ryo's dramas.
je_sugar4spice: A fanfiction community revolving around Yoko and Ryo, for all pairings including the both of them.

Maruyama Ryuhei:
maru_awards: Maru-icon Awards Community.
maruyasu: YamaDa (Pairing) Fan Community.
daisetsuna_hi: Translations of Maru's jweb entries.
marukura: A community centered to two members of Kanjani8 namely Tadayoshi Ohkura and Maruyama Ryuhei.
maruhina: Community celebrating the crack-love between Maru and Hina!

Yasuda Shota:
maruyasu: YamaDa (Pairing) Fan Community.
shiawase_shota: A community dedicated to Yasuda Shota.
yasu_awards: Yasu-icon Awards Community.
yasugifaday: A daily gif posting community dedicated to the wonderful, talented, cute, hot and colorful Yasuda shota.
yasuba_prompt: Fanfic prompt community for Yasuba fic writers and readers :)
ohyassumi: A "revived" fan community dedicated to the discreet yet adorable pairing of Tadayoshi Ohkura and Shota Yasuda.

Ohkura Tadayoshi:
ohkura_awards: Ohkura-icon Awards Community.
okuragifaday: Daily dose of gorgeous animations of our lovely drummer!
marukura: A community centered to two members of Kanjani8 namely Tadayoshi Ohkura and Maruyama Ryuhei.
ohyassumi: A "revived" fan community dedicated to the discreet yet adorable pairing of Tadayoshi Ohkura and Shota Yasuda.
nichiyoubiokura: Livejournal community dedicated to the radio show "Kanjani∞ Ohkura Tadayoshi nichiyoubi sukkyanen"

Murakami Shingo:
maruhina: Community celebrating the crack-love between Maru and Hina!
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.

Yokoyama You:
yokoyama_you: Translation Community for Yoko.
yokodiary: Daily Yoko Jweb translation community with something special thrown in.
yokogifaday: A different Yokoyama You gif posted everyday!
je_sugar4spice: A fanfiction community revolving around Yoko and Ryo, for all pairings including the both of them.
recomen_2012: YokoHina's Recomen in 2012. Updated weekly.

Johnnys Communities (arranged by category):

cigarettealiens: JE Collaboration Community.
je_life: Bridge the gap between JE fandom and real life.
johnnysarefans2: Music Community for songs Johnny's Artists Listen To.
jep_cast: Japanese Entertainment/Johnny's Entertainment podcast.
je_texcircle: JE Texting Community (must live in the US).
je_schedule: Find NEWS & Kanjani∞'s future schedules.
japan_now: A community for Japanese entertainment news.
johnnys_outlet: Compilation of places to buy Johnny's goods.
epic_colours: Graphics, blogcrews, and contests about any fandom.
aramatheydidnt: Japanese version of ohnotheydidnt -- bringing you the latest Japanese entertainment news.
je_help: Help for JE fans in or visiting Japan.
je_cookiedaysx: JE related scans, subs, graphics.
justonlynotes: Justonlynotes is a community where you can find piano notes, guitar notes, among others of JE bands. MODS NEEDED!
jequoteaday: This community posts a quote from a Johnny's group, including Kanjani8, each day!
je_ultrastar: It's a new open-membership community dedicated to sharing Johnny's songs for UltraStar karaoke game.
jestaytuned: Community for JE-related news.
jefandom: JE fandom index community. All entries will also be posted here.
je_syndrome: a spam/flail community dedicated to our JE boys
yumenohajimari: A community dedicated to the Golden Age of Johnny's Entertainment.
dozchan666: dozchan's downloads moved to her own community.

Crack and Fun:
capslock_je: Capslock Community for JE.
j_pop_humor: Where the crack belongs.
jefl: Where Johnny's funny lists are posted.
youtachi_macros: Macros featuring JE members.

Drama Communities:
utaoni: The community for the renzoku "Uta no Oniisan".
thequizshow: The Quiz Show series community starring Yokoyama Yuu and Sakurai Sho.
diaryofaya: Translations of 1 Litre of Tears' Kito Aya-san's diary.
joker_jdrama: A community for Ryo's new drama, "Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan".
umareru2011: community dedicated to 'Umareru' jdrama that starts on April, starring Horikita Maki & Ohkura Tadayoshi.
dmat_drama: Livejournal community dedicated to TBS' drama Dr. DMAT

Fan Meet and Greet Communities:
canada_johnnys: Community for Canadian Johnny's Fans.
eitofans_kanto: A network for fans living in the Kanto area
johnnys_koi: Johnny's community in the Spanish language.
johnnys_daigaku: Community for JE fans in colleges/universities.
je_philippines: a community dedicated to Filipino Johnny's Entertainment fans.

Fanfiction & Fanart:
je_ficgames: JE Fiction Festival.
je_squickfic: JE Dark-FanFiction Exchange Community.
jent_fanfics: JE fanfictions!
jentfic_remix: JE Fanfiction Community.
misetekure_je: JE Fanart Community.
jesm_exchange: JE/SM Crossover Fic Exchange.
popversified: An Asian pop/rock fanfiction community.
fukafukalove: Kanjani∞ Fanfiction Community.
JE Rarepair Anonymeme
je_playground: A community for JE fanwork.
wecan_makeit: an Italian fanwriting community.
je_whiteday: A het fanfiction exchange centered on the boys of Johnny's Entertainment. Sign ups are open from December 1 to 18, so join now :)
jfic_playground: theme-based fanfic community

je_icons: JE icons.
je_nomination: JE Icon-Nominating Community.
thesexgods: JE graphics and fanart community.
jnew_icontest: Icontest of various Japanese idols.
jent_lims: A Johnny's Entertainment-themed Last Iconmaker Standing contest.
je_awards: A Johnny's Entertainment icontest.

Role-Play Communities:
4gems: AU Asian Entertainment Role-Play Community.
starstruck_ooc: Asian Entertainment RP Community.
jdrama_rp: A JE roleplaying game based around making j-dramas
tres_reinosrpg: A Japanese Artist AU RPG set in the 1800's
discordia_rpg: J-Artist roleplay in a supernatural boarding school.
lovesha_game + lovesha_ooc: A yaoi Johnnys AU RP game based on Love Shuffle drama where characters exchange lovers.
shinkawa_rp: A "small town" Japanese entertainment RP.
masterballs + masterballs_ooc: a Johnny's Entertainment RPG set in the Pokémon universe!
koenji_house_rp: A fun little Eito RP where the guys are housemates in a share house.

dai_dassou: JE Scan Community.
je_ikemendump: JE Scan Community.
orenji_petals: Scan Resource Community.
terebi_gaido: Full scans of the weekly magazine, TV Guide!
bittersweetscns: Personal community for Kanjani8, Arashi and TOKIO magazine scans.

je_mix_fansubs: Community that Subs JE-related Videos.
o_e_subs: The new home for [O-E] subbed videos.
ind_subs: A subbing community for various fandoms including Kanjani8.

Outside of LJ:
On The Rainbow: Site for JE Lyrics.
Everything JE: All about JE fandom.
Ryo Translation Blog: Translations of Ryo related magazine articles.
K8 Update: Official updates on K8 happenings on Twitter.
Gnilp Lasso: A Place for JE (mostly Kanjani8) pics and discussion.
Ongaku: A board about Kanjani and other Je-bands! Also includes tv shows, dorama's and so on!
Italian fansubbing team: Italian fansubs for all JPop groups.
JDownloads Fansub: A Spanish fansub dedicated to all things about Japan. Daily summary/news on all Johnny's Groups.

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