September 12th, 2008


Mods, feel free to delete if I'm violating anything but I need help finding a video.

It's Kanjani8 not long from they're debut since they're promoting Naniwa Iroha Bushi. They're giving free handshakes and they're all saying "Nice Oppai!!!" Haha~ Ryo's reaction.

Can anyone possibly upload this. Thank you for the help!


[translations] a few random Eito things

For your amusement 8D
1. Notes from the 080904 Recomen - hosted by Yoko and Hina, Yasu and Maru as guests, phone calls to the others
2. Offshots from Potato October issue - Eito being their silly selves
3. Dengonban of the WU October issue - Messages to or from: Yasu, Ryo, Yoko, Hina, and Tacchon
4. Just the first bit of the Eito WU October issue - Childish things about the members
5. A little plot thing of Yoko's drama coming up - HILARIOUS