October 7th, 2008

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

More Arigatou, Okan promo clips

I don't know if the Chokuzen Special was ever uploaded or seen, nor this interview, but there's been some pimping today (especially on KTV) for Arigatou, Okan -- the 50th KTV Anniversary Drama Special staring our lovely ossans.... who are playing 18 year olds XD

The Chokuzen SP is just a 1 minute trailer for Arigatou, Okan basically. Nothing fancy but shows a lot more than the usual HinaBaru restraining their mom and emoBaru and angryHina. The interview was cut a little short as I didn't record it fast enough, but its about a minute or so, and its just HinaBaru pimping out the show again. I missed it when they were on Yo~i don! promoting Arigatou, Okan with the shows host in a live interview. Sorry, I woke up 15 minutes afterwards, XD

直前SP 「ありがとう、オカン」 Chokuzen SP - Arigatou, Okan
Entertainment News Interview Pichittoku

Both are .asf files as I was too lazy to re-encode into avi.
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Maru-chan as Joon Sang ?

i was searching throughout YouTube today when i happened to come upon this short clip:

i cracked up when the theme song of Winter Sonata accompany Maru's appearrance.
and you may notice the other members are staring maru in bemusement and cracking up  in the background.
can anyone tell me from which TV show this clip come from?

i love maru when he shows his cool side ~love~

oh,yeah,for those who doesn't know who Joon Sang is,he is the main male character in korean drama series called Winter Sonata (a.k.a. Winter Ballad/Winter Love Story, Korean: 겨울연가).
oh,boy,this sure brings up old memories :)
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