October 13th, 2008

Kanjani8: Maru - Not Afraid to Dream

Maru Fanlisting :O!

So I was online surfing for fanlistings and what not and I was like, on thefanlistings.org, and noticed there was no Maru fanlisting.
How does that work ._. No Maru fanlisting is a crime.


I made a Maru fanlisting cause Maru deserves one.

i LOVE you so much to YOU :: a maruyama ryuhei fanlisting

Whoo! I have to run his bio through a word processor but its completely done and ready for people to join, so show your love. He needs it :D
PS: If you run in anything old and ancient like IE 6... the PNGs will not show correctly, so like update your IE to the latest to view this site.

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Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for pictures of Subaru from a special photoshoot. Does anyone have some scans from it? Or know where I can find it?

Looking for more pics from this shoot:

thanks in advance!

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