November 2nd, 2008

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Aoi Miyazaki, Aoi Yuu, Lee Hyori, Masami Nagasawa, Reina Tanaka, Wonder Girls, Yui Aragaki
Male [19]
Big Bang, Daniel Henney, Mizushima Hiro, Miura Haruma, Ryo Nishikido (News), Sato Takeru, Taemin (Shinee), Shun Oguri, SS501
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Beethoven Virus [Korean Drama], Halloween


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Musekinin Hero: 5TH DAY


x->1->1->1->1->2 - Kanjani8 - (108,637 + 44,896 + 14,683 + 7,714 + 6,888) (x1.75) = 319,932
x->2->2->2->2->1 - Kobukuro - (26,416 + 19,250 + 8,705 + 5,724 + 7.193) (x1.75) = 117,754


x->1->1->1->1->2 - Kanjani8 - (108,637 + 44,896 + 14,683 + 7,714 + 6,888) (x1.80) = 329,072
x->2->2->2->2->1 - Kobukuro - (26,416 + 19,250 + 8,705 + 5,724 + 7,193) (x1.80) = 121,118

Kobukuro is a tough competition (being million-sellers and all), and Eito dropped to no.2 today. But they're still doing better than the previous efforts, and the drop from yesterday to today is not that much which is a good thing! One more day to go before the Oricon week ends! XD
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[multi-chap] Hidden Reflections Chapter 18

Title: Hidden Reflections
Author: ikujinashi & kamen7th
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: We own the story, unfortunately not the guys or the girls. Do not steal, it is not appreciated~♥
Main characters: Hiroki Uchi, Ryo Nishikido, Leah Dizon, Tadayoshi Okura, Keiko Kitagawa, Ryosuke Hashimoto
Summary: Uchi Hiroki is the wealthiest kid in the school with manners and looks to match. Together with his childhood friend Leah Dizon he is insanely popular amongst their peers, but there is one person who thinks little of that popularity. Nishikido Ryo comes from a more average background, but is highly intelligent, maybe too intelligent for his own good. Unable to connect with any of the other students save for the ever careless Okura Tadayoshi, Ryo becomes rebellic and bitter, at a few occasions disrupting the calm atmosphere at the elite school. One day that disruption blows its way into Hiroki's life, dishelving Mr. Perfect into seeking more in life than simply what is proper.

( It had also been forever since he’d kissed anyone. )
  • tesshi

[fic] Chapter Two - Tied Together by Revenge

Title: Tied Together by Revenge
Pairings: KameKura, mentions of Akame, Pin, KuraUchi and RyoUchi
Summary: Tadayoshi Ohkura and Kamenashi Kazuya had their hearts broken when fate decided they meet. Both men agreed to get back at the people who hurt them by pretending to be together. But why does Kazuya’s heart hurt when he saw the taller man flirt… when he knows this is all a game to get even?

Chapter One / ( Chapter Two )