November 12th, 2008

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Ways Not to Get Scammed on Livejournal

I noticed ... that there's a lot of people in this fandom getting scammed on livejournal. First of all, this is the first time I've ever seen this in my 6 years of using this site but moving on... I noticed the problem is lying in the fact that there's a lot of inexperienced, too trustful, buyers out there and they're jumping into " too good to be true " deals that just burn them in the long run. So I decided to make this post to help enlighten you guys on what to look for so you're not scammed.

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Heavy Pictures Under the Cut.

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Musekinin Hero: 2 WEEKS TOTAL

Week 1: #01 - 347,735 copies
Week 2: #07 - 21,723 copies

Total: 369,458 copies

The second week figure is not too bad actually. I would say this is an improvement, as their previous singles never sold more than 15k in the second week (Wahaha, IMS, ZOM, OOR, ORB, Naniwa). They're 7th this week, but that's because the single chart is doing very well this time around, the best single chart performance since Sept 1st! Usually, that kind of sales would have landed them in the Top5. :)

The legend of kanjani∞

Title: The Legend of Kanjani∞.
Author: sundaymorning13
Genre: comedy
Characters: yoko, hina, Subaru, maru, KAT-TUN.
Disclamer: I’m not connected with Johnny's Entertainment, Johnny's Jimusho, Johnny's and Associates, Imperial Records, and Teichiku Records.
Summary: maru has no money. Maru-chan as rustler? Agent Academic?!! Yoko? Hina?! What?! Subaru too??!!

Yoko’d called his friends whom with him in ‘Agent Academic’ in order to find maru… there're subaru and hina...

this fanfiction goes along with pictures...

subaru hals död

[Request] Flat Five Flowers audio/video

I'm sorry for coming here with a request without having something to offer in return.
But I'd like to know if anyone has some recordings from the Subaru with FiVe-concerts? I've been looking around forever, but I haven't found any, except for what's been posted here some time ago.
If anyone could help I'd be very very thankful!

Thanks in advance! ^^;;