November 14th, 2008


urajani 22.03.2005

I was wondering if anyone knew where I can download a urajani episode that aired in 22.03.2005?

I saw it today on crunchyroll
here, and I want to check out the full episode, the first part was creepy and scary but can you tell me if the second part is full? because its look like it's not complete.

got it.
Thank you suikascented 

the eito rainbow

Uchi solo con!

In Yokohama Arena on Dec 20th and 21st and Osaka Jo Hall on January 3rd and 4th.  I still can barely believe it XD

Sanspo article

Nikkan Sports article

Congrats Uchi!!

EDIT: enshinge pointed out a very interesting line on the last page of the Sanspo article here.  This con may be a test to determine if he goes solo or in a group!

EDIT2: Some elaboration on the Kanjuu/Uchi con matching dates here.  So it looks like the Uchi dates are shared with certain Juniors...?  Thanks snowqueenofhoth ! Con dates also listed here :)

EDIT3: Johnny's net info!

EDIT4: Sanspo article translated!

2009~2010 calendar

hello! nice to meet you. i am new to LJ.
i am lunacchi, korean-canadian, and my favourite members in KJ8 is kimi and baru.

i was wondering if anyone know if kanjani's 2009 calendar is released yet.
i saw 2008~2009 being posted on the group, but did the new one for next year come out yet?

my friend in osaka ordered it for me, but i want to see what it looks like!

also, does anyone know where i can buy a kanjani motif 6 holed diary/agenda?
(that goes with omake refills from the calendar)
sorry i am quite new, and i don't know where things are available...

any help is appreciated!! thank you in advance. ^0^