November 15th, 2008


kanjani official 6 holed agenda/refill

does anyone know if this sort of thing exists? (kj8 OFFICIAL 6 holed agenda/refill)
or do they only sell refills with the calendar?

how about unofficial agenda? do such thing exist?
is there a greater difference between official products and unofficial product?

sorry i am new to both LJ and kanjani8 >0<
forgive my stupidity.

ps. i did ask my friend and she said she did order the 08~09 one... orz
☆ 仁 { eating }

[One shot] One, ten, thousands.

Title: One, ten, thousands.
Author: ikujinashi & closetchild_
Genre: Drama, fluff, porn
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Ryo belongs to Hiroki and no one else. Seriously.
Pairings: Ryouchi
Characters: Nishikido Ryo, Uchi Hiroki
Summary: Ryo and Hiroki have been best friends for ages. Always having been there for each other, supported each other in all times. But lately things have started to change, Ryo has started to look at Hiroki differently and even though he was sure it would pass after a week. Weeks became months and it didn't go away.

( He had seen Hiroki for the first time years ago, yet he had only seen him now. )

Fanfiction & Request

Character(s): Kanjani∞ (without Uchi)

Rating: PG

Genre(s): General/ Humor/ Thoughtful

Pairing(s): XXX (never)

Summary: [One-shot] Each Kanjani∞ member either loves or hates autumn. Find out why. Seven seriously short insights for seven thoughtful men. Presents the reader with seven different perspectives about the season.

Author's Note: Inspired by the lack of autumn in Egypt and memories from NY. I'm on a roll this week. =)
I think this fiction is rather fun to read to get the different types of perspectives on autumn.
Review only if you feel compelled to. I'm just happy this story finally came off of paper and onto the computer.

He loves jumping in the air higher than he's ever jumped at any live performance and just going 'Wheeeeee~!' before pouncing upon the piles of leaves and sending them scattered over his lawn once more.

Instead of creating another post, I'm putting my request in the same one:

Is anyone in this community a harmonica player? I'm having a hard time getting the harmonica solos out of some of Kanjani8's music, like Onigishi Live or Samurai Blues. Please help me.