November 20th, 2008

[REQUEST] Wink Up september 2007

Hello eighters!^^
Is my first post in this community: since my english is very poor, I want to use it only if necessary....XD
I'm very sorry.... >__<
So, I take the opportunity to thank everyone that share scans, subs, video etc! m(_ _)m

Btw, I'm translating the Wink Up's interview of september 2007 (the title is "The pirates of Kanjani Eight") in my language, italian, but it would be very helpful if anyone could link me an english translation, because there are some phrases that drive me mad! >__<
Thank you in advance!
☆ 仁 { eating }

[multi-chap] Hidden Reflections Chapter 23

Title: Hidden Reflections
Author: ikujinashi & kamen7th
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: We own the story, unfortunately not the guys or the girls. Do not steal, it is not appreciated~♥
Main characters: Hiroki Uchi, Ryo Nishikido, Leah Dizon, Tadayoshi Okura, Keiko Kitagawa, Ryosuke Hashimoto
Summary: Uchi Hiroki is the wealthiest kid in the school with manners and looks to match. Together with his childhood friend Leah Dizon he is insanely popular amongst their peers, but there is one person who thinks little of that popularity. Nishikido Ryo comes from a more average background, but is highly intelligent, maybe too intelligent for his own good. Unable to connect with any of the other students save for the ever careless Okura Tadayoshi, Ryo becomes rebellious and bitter, at a few occasions disrupting the calm atmosphere at the elite school. One day that disruption blows its way into Hiroki's life, dishelving Mr. Perfect into seeking more in life than simply what is proper.

( “Hiro… has managed to make you bisexual, huh…?” )