November 25th, 2008

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Just adding to the Maru love! :D

I have a couple of things to share in honor of Maru-chan's birthday! ♥

Firstly, a fic~

Title: A First Time for Everything
Fandom: Kanjani8
Rating: G
Pairing: Yoko+Maru
Disclaimer: This is a fictional situation.
Notes: In which Maru finally gets to star in his own drama! :D

It's a Monday morning when Maru gets the call.

Aaaaand, a picspam. :D :D This one is all chibi pictures up to and including V.West. ♥ I had a lot of fun finding all of these adorable pictures! X:


Happy Birthday, Maru-chan!!! ♥♥
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Maru Bday Picspams

Hello minna. Its my first time posting here.

Today is a special day because:

Maru-chan is 25 today!!!  YAY!!!

To celebrate this special day, I made 2 picspams of him.
The first one is mainly official pics and concerts.
The second one is mostly magazine scans of him.

Just to share with you a little of his beauty and lovely self.
Because I love him lots and he loves you so much to you!!

Picspam #1
Picspam #2


Ja ne XD

Flat Five Flowers Live Photos

Hi everyone,

I am just a new one here, and it is very nice to know and join this community.

Here are some live photos of Subaru of the Flat Five Flowers, I am not quite sure if anyone posted them before, but I just wanna share them with you.

The first set

And I am not quite sure which one is the 2nd set and which one is the 3rd, since they are sold together. XDD

Also the first set of the members of Five's live photo.

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