December 3rd, 2008

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Mp3 Request - F.T.O

Hello people... Was just wondering if anyone could upload an mp3 of F.T.O (just the song, not the album), since the version I have skips and makes mouse-click noises (for some reason =S)  I've been meaning to ask this for awhile now =\  hehee

Thanks in advance!~
ohkura // contemplation

Translations of 最後の涙

hello! here are translations to ohkura's latest solo song entitled "Last Tears" (最後の涙).  I don't think anyone's put it up before? But if it's been posted already, then just let me know. I'll remove this post.  He sang it at his solo concert. do give it a listen if you can... i haven't managed to find a download or mp3 though.  only managed to listen to it on youtube ^o^ but it's a really sweet song.

click here. Enjoy!

Tsuruoka -sama

Hina and Yoko in Takki solo debut single!

Hina and Yoko will participate in the coupling song for Takki´s solo debut single!!
The link and a little translation:   (in japanese, from site)

" Avex announced that Takizawa Hideaki´s solo debut single [Ai - kakumei] will be released in 7th january 2009 the regular edition, there´ll be a song [ Home party!!!] with special participation from Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS and Murakami Shingo and Yokoyama Yuu from Kanjani8..."

Wow  !!
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HACHI new realese: Futari No Namida Ame_ piano

our nasu's playing FUTARI NO NAMIDA AME...
since there's a request to make any information to all eighters @ eden while we realese something new, *hachi_n_theband , but so far is only nasu's release, tsukkomi nasu_ XDDD* so, wanna share this one too...

if anybody want the chord, we'll post it again @ another hachi_n_theband 's entry ^ ^

the vid link:

eito is love

eito and eitaa are more than a love!


Making of Drama Special 2006

[BNS] Kanjani8 Making of Drama Special 2006 (Subbed)


Content: Filming and backstage footages from the winter drama specials back in 2006. Each member is interviewed about what they think about Kanjani8, the drama and more about kanjani8 members and their personality. The dramas were subbed by another fansub team.

Video runs a total of 1hr08mins.

Note: BNS had previously released 2 parts of the making, however, weve rechecked them and did a version 2. The previous release had mistakes in them so this is all corrected. ^^ Hope you'll like it.

Download here